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Build your first user onboarding tour in Usetiful

This quick tutorial describes how to build your initial user onboarding tour in Usetiful.

Welcome new users to your product, show them easily how it works or introduce a new feature using on-screen tutorials. Usetiful is a user onboarding software for building great user experience in digital products.  

After account registration, click on the "Add Tour" button to view the content editor. Sample step (the welcome dialog) is presented at the beginning.

 Free solution for creating user tours 

Simple content editor in Usetiful Free

Usetiful Free supports a simple code editor that requires basic technical skills since the tour is described in JSON. If you need assistance with content creation, use resources available in the Help Center or ask for help.

Plus license for visual & code-less tour creation

We recommend upgrading to Usetiful Plus to create your product tours conveniently with visual editor You can easily set up the tour steps and immediately see the impact of your changes. No technical skills or coding are required!

Visual Editor in Usetiful Plus

Embed tour to your website

Once you are happy with your tour and it's saved, you need to embed a code to your website. Find your embed code on the list of Tours after clicking on the "Embed code" button and follow the instructions.

Embed code dialog

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Create product tours with Usetiful

Usetiful contains an advanced editor that enables you to build tours visually without any programming skills. Try it yourself with 14-day trial.

Select Element on Your Page

To associate tour steps (pointers) with specific elements on your site, you need to hook to the selectors of elements. Selectors are used to "find" the HTML elements on your site. It is not difficult to find out the selector of a specific page element.

The easiest way is to use our Chrome extension.

Usetiful for Chrome extension (Recommended) 1. We recommend you to first install the extension - it enables you to preview product tours directly on your page without embedding the code. When on the page, it allows you to get the element selector on just one click.

2. Inside the tour editor, the "Element" field require you to enter the selector of the HTML element on your site.

Click on the "Select element" action on the right side of the field.  The following dialog will appear if the Usetiful browser extension is enabled.

3. Enter the address of your web page and click "Open page"
4. To select the element on the target page, just move your mouse c…

Preview Tours with Usetiful Chrome Extension

We are happy to introduce Usetiful for Chrome, a new browser extension that enables you to preview all your Usetiful product tours on any site without touching the code. Just follow the steps below to preview your product tours:

Install plugin a preview your tour 1. Enter Google Chrome Web Store and install the Usetiful for Chrome extension.

(Note: Usetiful for Chrome browser extension works with Chrome browser only)
2. When the plugin is successfully installed, the Usetiful icon will appear in the browser top bar with the following message.

3. Click on the Usetiful icon and log in using your Usetiful credentials.
4. Go to the page where the tour should preview and click on the "Refresh tour" button. 

5. If the tour is configured correctly (and autoplay is enabled), the tour will automatically start previewing. 
Usetiful for Chrome extension displays only tours that are in the Draft state.

You can check anytime in the Usetiful extension panel whether the tour is configured c…