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How Interactive Customer Onboarding Can Drive User Acquisition and Retention

The market is competitive, and customer acquisition costs are rising all the time. Successful customer onboarding has never been more critical. Let's explore how a digital adoption platform can help your customers and drive revenues.

The way developers and marketing teams think about user adoption and retention has changed remarkably over recent years. The customer journey doesn't stop once a transaction is made. Businesses need to find ways of delivering customer experiences that drive loyalty and retention.

The modern consumer is fairly impatient. Awash in a sea of choice, they want products that will provide them value quickly, or they'll just move on to one of your competitors. 

Great customer onboarding is one of the best ways to quickly ensure that your users get value. Doing it right means you can drive user adoption while reducing user churn. 

How can a digital adoption platform (DAP) help?

A digital adoption platform, or DAP, is software that helps developers build better customer experiences. 

These tools are a great way to help your users get up to speed with new products or features.

Usetiful is a code-free, flexible, easy to use, and simple to set up platform. It provides overlays that can help with user adoption through a variety of different tools like:

  • product tours
  • walkthroughs
  • smart tips
  • onboarding checklists

Benefits of using a DAP like Usetiful

There are a lot of benefits to using a digital adoption platform like Usetiful.

1. Customer onboarding

Onboarding begins the minute your users download or purchase your product. By providing the right support and guidance, you can usher your users towards having their Aha moment — that magical time when they realize why your product is valuable and helpful to solving their pain points.

2. Retention rates 

With customer acquisition costs so high, many businesses realize that keeping users is essential for revenue. Digital adoption platforms help reduce customer churn because they ensure that users know how to get value from products. 

Users download products because they have a problem they need to solve. Helping them achieve their desired goal means more of them will stick around.

3. Reduced customer support

Customer support doesn't come cheap. However, many organizations still reply to emails or answer support tickets manually. The thing is, most customers prefer self-serve options — if they’re done right.

An effective digital adoption platform will answer users' questions as they occur, creating a seamless, user-friendly experience.

4. Better customer experience

Tools like Usetiful can drive a better customer experience. Instead of feeling lost or overwhelmed when opening a product for the first time, a DAP can use a mix of tools to provide an excellent customer experience.

The best DAPs allow for assistance that is barely noticeable but very effective in helping drive user adoption.

5. Personalization 

Consumers love personalization. Good user adoption acknowledges that people approach products with different levels of experience and learning speeds. 

A DAP can assist your users in a way that works for them. For example, checklists can encourage users to explore at their own pace, while tooltips will ensure that information is available if needed.

6. Rich data

A digital adoption platform provides businesses with data about how their consumers are using their products. Analyzing this behavior can give developers insights into how their products are being used and what elements can be improved.

By understanding where users get stuck or become unengaged, developers can improve their products and make them more efficient.


The most significant causes of customer churn are that users don't get value from a product or don't understand it.

A digital adoption platform can solve both of these issues by driving user adoption with a range of customer onboarding tools. 

Code-free applications, like Usetiful, provide a simple and flexible way to guide users through signup, navigating your product, getting help, or learning about specific features and functions.

Need someone to discuss your use cases? Book a meeting and speak to our product specialist!

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