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Automated Sales Demo Never Sleeps. Let the Demo Automation Take the Strain

  Sales and marketing costs are rising, and converting prospects is challenging in an increasingly competitive sector. However, what if there was another way to generate and convert leads? Enter product-led sales. How product-Led sales meet evolving customer preferences Traditional software sales involve promoting your product or service via sales and marketing to generate leads. From there, your reps speak to prospects and convince them to agree to a sales demo. While this approach can get great results, it costs money and time. In recent years, software development teams have been trying different techniques. Some of these changes were motivated by saving money and reducing the sales cycle. However, part of this evolution was driven by changes in customer preferences. As the internet matured, customers gravitated towards self-serve options . When given a choice, many prospects don’t want to interact with sales teams. Instead, they prefer to research on their own time and access produ

The Value of Digital Employee Onboarding: Why Your Organization must Implement One

  Talent acquisition and employee retention have never been more critical. Employers are competing for a small pool of specialist workers, and remote work has made these contests even harder. With the technological landscape shifting constantly, employers need to find staff with modern skills. However, finding and hiring the best workers is a massive problem for companies worldwide. According to recent research by HubSpot and Boon, one in four CEOs says that talent acquisition is the biggest reason holding their company back .  When companies find the right staff, they must do everything possible to ensure their new hires feel welcome and comfortable in their new job. As remote work has grown, helping employees bed in has become more challenging. Digital employee onboarding is a solution to many of these issues. Automating your onboarding can save your business resources while providing your employees with everything they need to settle and become productive members of your team. What

Are Old Onboarding Practices Failing to Engage Your New Hires? It's Time for Digital Employee Onboarding

  Good employee onboarding is an essential aspect of retention and productivity. Helping new hires get oriented with the tools they need for the job means they can quickly become comfortable and productive at your business. Digital adoption tools like Usetiful can help you achieve these aims and improve your employee retention figures. Image by DCStudio on Freepik Speak to recruiters and talent acquisition teams, and they'll tell you the same thing: hiring is very challenging right now. This situation is especially true in the tech sector. While the data might not support the narrative around the Great Resignation , employers are still struggling to find great staff. In theory, remote and hybrid work means businesses have access to a greater talent pool. But in practice, it's made hiring more competitive as potential employees field offers from wide locations. Additionally, the world is going through a massive cost of living crisis. Global inflation is at around 7.5%. Rates in