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The Ultimate Guide to Usetiful Extension

Employee onboarding has never been more critical. Acquiring top talent is costly and time-consuming. So when you find suitable new hires, you must ensure that you give them the best chance of becoming valuable contributors.  However, despite research showing how essential a good employee onboarding experience is to retention, reputation, productivity, and even revenue, too many firms are asleep at the wheel. In fact, around three-quarters of HR executives think their employers don't do enough to ensure effective onboarding. Employee onboarding software was built to tackle these issues. One of the most important pillars of employee onboarding is showing your team how to get the most from their digital tools. This process can include things like interactive product tours, onboarding checklists, and subtle tooltips to help them get familiar with your entire software stack. The Usetiful Extension is a powerful tool to help you unlock better onboarding experiences. The plugin supports

Keeping Your Data Safe and Secure: How Usetiful Protects Your Security and Privacy

  Companies rely heavily on third-party vendors in our increasingly connected and specialized digital landscape. However, cybercrime is growing each year in both volume and sophistication. These third-party connections have become a point of vulnerability.   Image by Freepik Keeping your client data safe and secure has never been more critical. However, a recent report from SecurityScorecard and the Cyentia Institute makes for alarming reading. They suggest that 98% of companies surveyed have a current relationship with a vendor that has been breached within the last two years. Using third-party vendors is crucial for businesses that want agility, productivity, and expertise. But these benefits are quickly forgotten if you suffer a reputation-shredding data leak.  When you choose a digital adoption platform (DAP), data security and privacy should be high on your agenda of requirements. Usetiful offers several features that make it the best tool for the job.     #1. 2FA Two-factor authe

Usetiful named G2 High Performer in Customer Self-Service in Europe and Asia Pacific

  The G2 Spring 2023 results are out, and we’re excited to report another excellent performance for Usetiful. We've been named a High Performer in the Customer Self-Service categories for Europe and Asia Pacific.  With over 100,000 products listed on G2, getting any recognition is a real privilege. Usetiful appears alongside a real who's-who of customer self-service products, demonstrating why our customers choose us over big names with lots of hype and huge marketing budgets. G2 uses a mix of customer reviews and market presence to power the algorithms that determine the winners. As such, the awards have a lot of credibilities because they're based on the inputs that are important to customers who use the products every day. Some of the highlights of our Spring 2023 report are: 91% of Usetiful users would recommend our product 95% of users say Usetiful is easy to set up 92% of our users are delighted with our customer support 91% of users say it’s really easy to do busines

Usetiful: An Intercom and Appcues Alternative That Won’t get Ad Blocked

  Around the world, more than 40% of internet users use ad blocker software. However, for specific demographics (16-34-year-olds), ad-block use is almost 50%. Moreover, ad-block use is growing all the time, and not just on desktop computers but on mobile devices too. All of that is bad news for websites that monetize through online ad revenues. But there is another set of website owners that ad blockers can hurt too. If you use a digital adoption platform (DAP) for user onboarding or product tours on your website, some ad blockers will stop it from working because of the ways they use Javascript. While Javascript is a fantastic way to improve your website content, there are some downsides for users. In particular, it is used to serve ads and can facilitate ad tracking. Ad-blocking plugins or extensions allow users to block Javascript with tracking functionality.  This problem affects Intercom Product Tours, Appcues, and Userguiding in specific situations, according to their respective