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Usetiful named G2 High Performer in Customer Self-Service in Europe and Asia Pacific

  The G2 Spring 2023 results are out, and we’re excited to report another excellent performance for Usetiful. We've been named a High Performer in the Customer Self-Service categories for Europe and Asia Pacific.  With over 100,000 products listed on G2, getting any recognition is a real privilege. Usetiful appears alongside a real who's-who of customer self-service products, demonstrating why our customers choose us over big names with lots of hype and huge marketing budgets. G2 uses a mix of customer reviews and market presence to power the algorithms that determine the winners. As such, the awards have a lot of credibilities because they're based on the inputs that are important to customers who use the products every day. Some of the highlights of our Spring 2023 report are: 91% of Usetiful users would recommend our product 95% of users say Usetiful is easy to set up 92% of our users are delighted with our customer support 91% of users say it’s really easy to do busines

Usetiful: An Intercom and Appcues Alternative That Won’t get Ad Blocked

  Around the world, more than 40% of internet users use ad blocker software. However, for specific demographics (16-34-year-olds), ad-block use is almost 50%. Moreover, ad-block use is growing all the time, and not just on desktop computers but on mobile devices too. All of that is bad news for websites that monetize through online ad revenues. But there is another set of website owners that ad blockers can hurt too. If you use a digital adoption platform (DAP) for user onboarding or product tours on your website, some ad blockers will stop it from working because of the ways they use Javascript. While Javascript is a fantastic way to improve your website content, there are some downsides for users. In particular, it is used to serve ads and can facilitate ad tracking. Ad-blocking plugins or extensions allow users to block Javascript with tracking functionality.  This problem affects Intercom Product Tours, Appcues, and Userguiding in specific situations, according to their respective

European Digital Adoption Platform, GDPR-compliant by default

  In January 2012, the European Commission came up with some data reform strategies meant to enable Europe to adapt to the demands of the digital age. Nearly four years later, the strategists reached a consensus about the scope of the reforms and how to go about enforcing them. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) emerged as one of the crucial components of the European Commission’s effort. It covers all EU member countries as well as individuals and businesses both within and outside EU territory. Digital Adoption platforms (DAPs) are among the businesses significantly impacted by EU GDPR legislation. What is a Digital Adoption Platform? A digital adoption platform is a software designed to integrate with or layer on top of other software, a website, or an app. The purpose of this integration is to provide guidelines that will help employees and other users become more digitally proficient and versatile. The multiplicity of use cases of digital technologies has made them a si

Gartner Reports: Best Digital Adoption Solution

The coming decade will see a significant investment in digital transformation for the vast majority of organizations looking to drive success. But successful digital transformation relies on leveraging software to help employees acclimatize to new and evolving technology. This poses a challenge to employee productivity, as workforces across the globe will be forced to adapt to new technology in their day-to-day roles. Ideally, implementation of such tech requires an approach that impacts productivity as little as possible. That's why companies are increasingly turning to digital adoption platforms that facilitate the process and support employee efficiency rather than hampering it. What is a Digital Adoption Platform? A digital adoption platform (DAP) sits on top of an existing software application, offering users insight and guidance that helps them to adjust to the software application, providing information on key tasks and functions. With a DAP, companies can introduce new sof