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1991 Accelerator & Usetiful: Supporting the Ukrainian Startup Community

  As Ukraine continues its brave battle against invading Russian forces, assistance from the global community can come in different forms. Military aid, food, and health supplies are vital to support the country through this difficult time. However, these programs must go hand in hand with long-term development strategies that provide a path toward rebuilding Ukraine's economy. Social Boost has been running in Ukraine since 2012. It was built to connect to connect the startup community, public technology organizations, government, and businesses to implement innovative civic tech solutions . The organization's work is more important than ever because of its potential to create jobs and economic growth within Ukraine during these trying times. The 1991 Accelerator is one of Social Boost's most significant projects. It aims to turn promising ideas into thriving startups that can impact the private and public sectors. The 1991 Hackathon In the last seven years, they've lau

The Ultimate Guide to Usetiful Extension

Employee onboarding has never been more critical. Acquiring top talent is costly and time-consuming. So when you find suitable new hires, you must ensure that you give them the best chance of becoming valuable contributors.  However, despite research showing how essential a good employee onboarding experience is to retention, reputation, productivity, and even revenue, too many firms are asleep at the wheel. In fact, around three-quarters of HR executives think their employers don't do enough to ensure effective onboarding. Employee onboarding software was built to tackle these issues. One of the most important pillars of employee onboarding is showing your team how to get the most from their digital tools. This process can include things like interactive product tours, onboarding checklists, and subtle tooltips to help them get familiar with your entire software stack. The Usetiful Extension is a powerful tool to help you unlock better onboarding experiences. The plugin supports

Which Digital Adoption Platform is Best For You?

  A recent article by G2 underlined the importance of digital adoption in modern working environments. Empowering your employees to use digital tools to their full extent is crucial for fostering innovation, being competitive, and increasing ROI on software investments. However, as the article points out, there are several barriers to achieving digital adoption, including increased IT support, training costs, and placing extra pressure on your team to learn new tricks. Usetiful is a digital adoption solution. We built our platform to solve the issues IT departments and boardrooms face worldwide. Our no-code tool allows teams without technical experience to build product tours, walkthroughs, checklists, and tooltips that help teach their employees and users how to get the most from digital products without the time and monetary cost of endless IT support tickets and training. Of course, Usetiful isn't the only digital adoption tool out there. While we feel that none of the Usetiful