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How DAP Can Help Your Sales and Marketing Teams

  These are trying times for the overall business community. The rise in interest rates has slowed economic activity, with subsequent budget cuts targeting sales and marketing departments in particular.  You've probably already heard how digital adoption platforms (DAPs) like Usetiful can boost sales and marketing for your product. But what about using the software to help your sales and marketing employees?  In this article, we'll show how you can use a digital adoption solution like Usetiful to drive better outcomes for not just your product and your users but also your employees. Image by our-team on Freepik Sales reps and time to productivity (TTP) If you're familiar with digital adoption tools like Usetiful, you'll already understand concepts like time to value (TTV). In short, it's a metric that measures how long it takes a user to get value from your product. Another way you can look at this is how long it takes someone to engage with your product and gain a

The Impact of Digital Adoption on Change Management

  The business world is in constant flux. Disruptive technologies emerge to break up the status quo; companies change course to serve exciting new markets; while new management, personnel, and best practices come and go. Most changes happen well outside our control. Regulations, political upheaval, and macroeconomic trends are just some of the things businesses need to navigate from time to time. But other changes occur when organizations embrace new goals, technology, or processes; these are the types of transitions we can affect. Change management is the strategic discipline that seeks to implement transformations effectively. While it is a broad and varied area, digital transformation sits at the heart of change management in an increasingly technological world.    Image by pressfoto on Freepik How change management and digital adoption are related Advanced communication tools, cloud infrastructure, accessible software, and widespread WiFi have all burst onto the scene over the last

The Ultimate Guide to Usetiful Extension

Employee onboarding has never been more critical. Acquiring top talent is costly and time-consuming. So when you find suitable new hires, you must ensure that you give them the best chance of becoming valuable contributors.  However, despite research showing how essential a good employee onboarding experience is to retention, reputation, productivity, and even revenue, too many firms are asleep at the wheel. In fact, around three-quarters of HR executives think their employers don't do enough to ensure effective onboarding. Employee onboarding software was built to tackle these issues. One of the most important pillars of employee onboarding is showing your team how to get the most from their digital tools. This process can include things like interactive product tours, onboarding checklists, and subtle tooltips to help them get familiar with your entire software stack. The Usetiful Extension is a powerful tool to help you unlock better onboarding experiences. The plugin supports