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The Challenges of the Digital Workplace and How to Overcome Them

  The digital workplace offers an exciting new frontier in how we think about work. However, like any form of technological disruption, businesses must overcome specific challenges to unlock the potential benefits of this change. Let’s explore some of these roadblocks and see how a digital adoption platform (DAP) can provide an elegant solution. Image by DCStudio on Freepik What is the digital workplace? The digital workplace is a decentralized work ecosystem connected by digital devices, tools, and platforms, enabling deep collaboration across various locations.  It’s a virtual space that mirrors the connectivity of the office but with a greater emphasis on seamless interactions, information and resource access, productivity, and personalization. According to the consultancy firm Forrester, the digital workplace consists of six main pillars . They are: Core productivity platforms Employee-facing HR tools An orchestration layer Experience touchpoints Analytics Application integration.

Taking Advantage of Technology: The Role of Automation in the Modern Workplace

  Humans have used technology to outsource labor since the Roman water grains in 1BC. However, The term automation has been in practice since the mid-40s when a manager at the US Ford car manufacturing plant used the word to describe its mechanized production line. Fast forward almost 80 years, and we have self-driving cars and robots that can perform surgery. Digital technologies in the modern workplace are some of the most meaningful and impactful types of automation. Many of these advances are so seamless that they almost go unnoticed. Yet, if we switched back to manual, workplace productivity and employee satisfaction would take a nosedive. As we move toward what Gartner calls the era of Hyperautomation , it is time to look at how automation has and continues to transform the workplace by streamlining various business processes.  Image by on Freepik Benefits of automation Before we explore the digital technology that is transforming the world of work, we should highlig

9 Ways to Know if Your Employee Software Training Needs a DAP

  Employee software training is essential for teams that want to drive productivity, adopt new technology, and get an ROI from software spending. Thankfully, there are lots of great HR employee onboarding solutions out there to help you streamline and automate the integration of new hires into your organization.  HR employee onboarding software is great for collecting documents, feedback and evaluation, and staying on top of new hire progress. However, the employee training elements of the software are too often a minor add-on or afterthought. When you need truly effective employee training, you need a dedicated digital adoption platform (DAP). Image by Freepik Here are eight sure signs that you need a digital adoption platform for your employee software training. #1. You have a big software stack Big software stacks are the norm nowadays. As workflows have grown in both scope and complexity, businesses are using dozens of different tools to drive productivity. When new employees join