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Which Digital Adoption Platform is Best For You?

  A recent article by G2 underlined the importance of digital adoption in modern working environments. Empowering your employees to use digital tools to their full extent is crucial for fostering innovation, being competitive, and increasing ROI on software investments. However, as the article points out, there are several barriers to achieving digital adoption, including increased IT support, training costs, and placing extra pressure on your team to learn new tricks. Usetiful is a digital adoption solution. We built our platform to solve the issues IT departments and boardrooms face worldwide. Our no-code tool allows teams without technical experience to build product tours, walkthroughs, checklists, and tooltips that help teach their employees and users how to get the most from digital products without the time and monetary cost of endless IT support tickets and training. Of course, Usetiful isn't the only digital adoption tool out there. While we feel that none of the Usetiful