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Drive your digital adoption with Usetiful

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) are used by businesses worldwide to simplify the user experience using guiding capabilities, engagement and user behavior insights. DAP have positive benefit on retention rate, conversion rate and on user satisfaction. Usetiful is the Digital Adoption Platform  that allows you to iterate on user adoption without any prior experience. Usetiful is designed to be friendly and seamless when setting up, while being powerful in supporting all your use cases. Read more to learn how Usetiful can help you improve your user engagement. User engagement and activation User engagement is how frequently and for how long does user engage with your software product, website or app. High engagement indicates higher interest in your product as user invests more time and energy, effectively creating a habit and giving you more opportunities to monetize. Before we jump into improving the user engagement, it is necessary to step back and define which parts o