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Guide to Tooltips – How To Drive User Adoption With Tooltips

When a user sits down with a new software product, the ideal scenario is that it's easy to use. To drive user adoption, the interface needs to feel fluid and intuitive. While this is the ultimate aim of an excellent user interface (UI), first-time users still need a helping hand in many cases. But a constant requirement to refer to walkthrough guides or tutorials breaks the user-software relationship. Offering help in a seamless way is a subtle, elegant art. To keep users engaged and to drive adoption, tooltips are an incredible resource. However, the software development industry has an awkward relationship with this solution; but, for the most part, this is due to poor application or design of tooltips. While tooltips can potentially harm user experience (UX), they are barely noticeable and beneficial when done correctly. What is a Tooltip? Tooltips are minor UI elements that prompt users to take specific actions. For example, when a user's mouse hovers over or clicks a speci