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Improve your onboarding experience based on user feedback

You have created new user onboarding experience for your product and you love it! Why should you change anything? The true question to ask is: Do your users love the experience? Collect feedback from users The most direct way to identify the best and worst parts of the onboarding experience is to simply ask users for feedback. With Usetiful you can incorporate a simple feedback directly within your tours. How to? When creating tour in the Visual Editor, click on "Edit step" Choose Collect Feedback from the advanced options Collected feedback will appear in the Reports section Based on this quick feedback you can identify which parts of the user onboarding need to be reviewed in order to provide a more pleasant experience. Activity-based feedback The user onboarding experience is often built as a series of atomic steps that user needs to complete. The completion rate of the individual steps can indicate a problem wit

Measure effectiveness of product tours

   This article introduces the reporting features of Usetiful - the user onboarding software. The analytics measure the effectiveness of your experiences made by your product tours. Iterate on your results, improve your tours and maximize user engagement!