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How to Create an Interactive Product Demo with Usetiful

  The way that software is bought and sold has changed dramatically over the years. In the past, it was all about sitting down with the CEO or CTO and showing the potential impact on the business. These days, products need to speak to the actual software users. This development has changed the sales game significantly. An interactive product demo is ideal for this new era of software sales. For starters, they help you scale your outreach by providing automated sales demos wherever and whenever they’re needed. However, the most significant benefit is that the best way to market a great product is by letting your user see it in action.  Interactive demo software like Usetiful helps you unlock these benefits by providing a no-code, step-by-step interface that allows you to build powerful interactive sales demos. What’s more, Usetiful also lets you go one further by customizing your demos around the individual user.  But how do you do it? How can you build the self-serve demos that your pr

Surveys vs Forms: What are the differences and How to use them

  While surveys and forms sound similar, they are different things with their own goals, formats, and best practices. However, they are both crucial elements of customer success because they allow you to collect a vital resource: feedback. Any company worth its salt needs feedback. It allows you to improve your product and understand your customers at the same time. But before you start rushing out and asking the questions that matter, you need to understand the difference between forms and surveys and where to use them. Image by Freepik What is the difference between a form and a survey? Forms and surveys are used to gather information. However, the type of information they collect can help tell them apart.  Surveys are best for collecting opinions, feedback, and information from individuals or larger groups of people. Typically, they use multiple-choice questions. However, many surveys include options for open-ended questions. Forms are best for collecting objective information. Th