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Surveys vs Forms: What are the differences and How to use them

  While surveys and forms sound similar, they are different things with their own goals, formats, and best practices. However, they are both crucial elements of customer success because they allow you to collect a vital resource: feedback. Any company worth its salt needs feedback. It allows you to improve your product and understand your customers at the same time. But before you start rushing out and asking the questions that matter, you need to understand the difference between forms and surveys and where to use them. Image by Freepik What is the difference between a form and a survey? Forms and surveys are used to gather information. However, the type of information they collect can help tell them apart.  Surveys are best for collecting opinions, feedback, and information from individuals or larger groups of people. Typically, they use multiple-choice questions. However, many surveys include options for open-ended questions. Forms are best for collecting objective information. Th

How DAP Can Help Your Sales and Marketing Teams

  These are trying times for the overall business community. The rise in interest rates has slowed economic activity, with subsequent budget cuts targeting sales and marketing departments in particular.  You've probably already heard how digital adoption platforms (DAPs) like Usetiful can boost sales and marketing for your product. But what about using the software to help your sales and marketing employees?  In this article, we'll show how you can use a digital adoption solution like Usetiful to drive better outcomes for not just your product and your users but also your employees. Image by our-team on Freepik Sales reps and time to productivity (TTP) If you're familiar with digital adoption tools like Usetiful, you'll already understand concepts like time to value (TTV). In short, it's a metric that measures how long it takes a user to get value from your product. Another way you can look at this is how long it takes someone to engage with your product and gain a