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How DAP Can Help Your Sales and Marketing Teams

  These are trying times for the overall business community. The rise in interest rates has slowed economic activity, with subsequent budget cuts targeting sales and marketing departments in particular.  You've probably already heard how digital adoption platforms (DAPs) like Usetiful can boost sales and marketing for your product. But what about using the software to help your sales and marketing employees?  In this article, we'll show how you can use a digital adoption solution like Usetiful to drive better outcomes for not just your product and your users but also your employees. Image by our-team on Freepik Sales reps and time to productivity (TTP) If you're familiar with digital adoption tools like Usetiful, you'll already understand concepts like time to value (TTV). In short, it's a metric that measures how long it takes a user to get value from your product. Another way you can look at this is how long it takes someone to engage with your product and gain a

The Dos and Don'ts of Creating an Interactive Product Demo

  Buyer behavior is changing. In the past, the CEO or CTO called the shots and made all the software purchasing decisions. However, modern buying is more collaborative, with an average of 11 stakeholders involved in B2B deals. This shifting landscape was further highlighted in a recent G2 buyer report. Their research pointed out that with so many software solutions on the market, customers were struggling to choose the right product.  One of the primary barriers for customers includes finding reliable, impartial information on products. While for sales teams, friction comes from longer sales cycles that result from additional stakeholder involvement in deals. What modern buyers want In response to these shifts in buyer behavior, a couple of trends have occurred. Firstly, many users are seeking out self-service buying options . Second, sales rooms are growing in popularity. These digital hubs provide a place for stakeholders and sales teams to meet and discuss a product. Everything yo

8 Reasons to Automate Your Sales Demo Process

  Sales demos have always been a big part of the SaaS customer acquisition process. Live one-to-one demonstrations are a powerful way to show prospects what a product can do. Indeed, many SaaS teams love this way of connecting with potential customers because it has average conversion rates of 5% to 15%. However, live demos aren't the perfect solution for SaaS brands. They take a lot of time to schedule and complete, they can draw out the sales cycle, and they're impossible to scale. As SaaS operations are becoming more cost-effective, efficient, and streamlined, live demos can seem like a relic from the past. And yet, despite these drawbacks, the live sales demo endures because of its power to educate your prospect and give them first-hand experience of how your product can provide them with value.  But what if there was a way to get all the positives of a live sales demo without the negatives? Thankfully there is. Welcome to the world of sales demo automation. What is sales d