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Tips for Improving Your Sales Demo with Usetiful and Zapier

  Interactive product demo automation is a big deal right now. With lean, product-led growth models growing in relevance by the day, now is the perfect time to see how Usetiful-Zapier integrations can streamline your sales demo process and help drive conversion while you sleep. Image by on Freepik What is Zapier? Zapier is a no-code tool that connects third-party apps and services. The beauty of this software is that it allows non-technical teams to build time and cost-saving automation, like automatically populating your CRM when someone enters your sales demo. Now that Usetiful integrates with Zapier, you can make Zaps from our software and enhance your customer experience further, including improvements to your interactive product demo performance. Here is a link to our technical article showing how you can set up Zapier to work seamlessly with Usetiful. But for now, let's explore some use cases for Zapier in the sales demo space. How Zapier works To give you an ide

Usetiful Now Integrates with Zapier: That Means More Automation and Deeper Employee Engagement

  We're pleased to announce that Zapier can now integrate with Usetiful. This integration opens up a whole new range of employee onboarding possibilities for businesses, including:  More automation Deeper connections with your entire software stack Better user onboarding analytics Enhanced sharing and collaboration across your organization Zapier helps you connect employee onboarding software with your entire software stack, meaning you can take advantage of automation, drive greater in-person experiences, and build better data workflows between tools. Employee onboarding can be quicker, easier, and more detailed. What's not to like? What is Zapier? For anyone who doesn't know, Zapier is a no-code tool that allows users to connect over 5000 different web applications. By using if/then logic, Zapier creates automated workflows via a simple drag-and-drop interface. These connections are called Zaps, and they can make your business more efficient. Here is a simple example of w

Usetiful: An Intercom and Appcues Alternative That Won’t get Ad Blocked

  Around the world, more than 40% of internet users use ad blocker software. However, for specific demographics (16-34-year-olds), ad-block use is almost 50%. Moreover, ad-block use is growing all the time, and not just on desktop computers but on mobile devices too. All of that is bad news for websites that monetize through online ad revenues. But there is another set of website owners that ad blockers can hurt too. If you use a digital adoption platform (DAP) for user onboarding or product tours on your website, some ad blockers will stop it from working because of the ways they use Javascript. While Javascript is a fantastic way to improve your website content, there are some downsides for users. In particular, it is used to serve ads and can facilitate ad tracking. Ad-blocking plugins or extensions allow users to block Javascript with tracking functionality.  This problem affects Intercom Product Tours, Appcues, and Userguiding in specific situations, according to their respective

How to create interactive walkthroughs like Canva

Thinking about how to unleash the full potential of your about-to-launch web app? Discard using the conventional product tour and embrace the utilization of a tailor-made interactive walkthrough. Instead of showing your customers a simple how-to-use-my-product demo, create an interactive guide to help them fully grasp your product’s functionality. You are guaranteed to attract new users and make the existing ones stay. Remember that showing users your product’s unique features is not always the best onboarding strategy. Showing while doing it is. Enticing your new users to actually experience using the app during the onboarding process is the most efficient way to engage them. This is what we call product adoption . It should be your primary goal in your user onboarding process – to increase the possibility that users are driven to adopt your product and eventually increase user retention rate.  Interactive Walkthrough vs. Product Tour Walkthroughs and product tours are almost similar

Customer Retention: How to Keep Your Customers Happy

Customer loyalty is more crucial than ever in today's business climate. Businesses are under even more pressure to maintain customer satisfaction and loyalty as a result of the economic downturn of 2023.  Retaining customers is about ensuring they keep coming back for more of what you offer. Loyal customers are more likely to stick around, so it's crucial to work on increasing customer loyalty if you want to keep your business thriving. Image by benzoix on Freepik What is customer retention and why is it important in today's business landscape? Customer retention is a metric used to evaluate a company's success in maintaining customer relationships over time. Customer retention is useful not only for counting the number of devoted customers but also as a proxy for measuring or predicting factors like customer satisfaction, repurchase behavior, engagement, and emotional attachment to a brand. Retention metrics start with the first purchase a customer makes and extend to