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7 Reasons To Incorporate Videos in Your User Onboarding

Video onboarding is a valuable tool for companies trying to acquire new users. Below, we'll explore seven reasons why you should incorporate video into your user onboarding. We live in the YouTube age. The digital and smartphone revolution has changed the way we consume media. As a result, users of every demographic have begun to see video as their primary source of information. Indeed, research suggests that 96% of people have watched a video to learn more about a product or service. The companies who respond to this shift in preferences stand a far better chance of engaging users. Video is all about engagement. While there is still a place for books and the written word, video's power lies in how it captivates an audience. Short, punchy videos are especially effective for grabbing and holding user attention. Further research into video says that viewers retain 95% of a message via video, but just 10% from text. Instructional video embedded within Usetiful product tour When

How User Onboarding Checklists will help your User Adoption

User onboarding checklists are a crucial tool for developers who are launching products or want to improve product adoption.   What are User Onboarding Checklists? User onboarding checklists are a way to onboard new users. This digital adoption strategy works by splitting the onboarding experience into manageable atomic pieces. By making a checklist with various tasks, you can ensure that users are guided towards getting instant value from your product.     How to Build an Onboarding Checklist? Onboarding checklists are easy to build with no-code tools like Usetiful . By using an onboarding checklist template, your product can benefit from greater user engagement and acquisition. Benefits of User Onboarding The most common reason users abandon a digital product is: a) They can't understand how to use it b) The products value is not clear to them   A good user onboarding process directly addresses both of these issues. Any worthwhile digital adoption strategy needs to assist and dir