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What to Include in Your Customer Onboarding Survey

  Self-service options have made things easier for customers. These days, they can sign up for a product and start using it without any human interaction. This process is what most customers want, and it allows businesses to sell their products 24/7. What's not to like? Well, there is one small thing.  Frictionless customer onboarding is excellent. It saves everyone a lot of time and effort. However, not having human discussions or interactions means you can lose some helpful information.  For example, you can't always find out about your customer's preferences or objectives with your products when you don’t speak to them. On top of that, you can also lose the ability to get feedback on a wide range of issues, including the customer onboarding process itself.  So, how can you provide the customer experience your prospective users want and get the feedback you need to improve your onboarding experience and your product? The answer is by using a customer onboarding survey. Im

4 Types of Customer Satisfaction Survey and Their Best Practices

  A customer satisfaction survey is a fantastic tool for gathering information from current and past users. They can help your customer success teams understand the areas where your business is doing well — and where you’re lacking. Leveraging this information allows you to improve the customer experience, retain users, and even build loyalty. Image by Freepik In this article, we'll look at the four most valuable types of customer satisfaction surveys and some of the best practices you can employ to make them work. What is customer satisfaction? Customer satisfaction measures how your products or services meet customer demand. It's a strong gauge of the overall customer experience users have with your brand. Customer satisfaction can seem like a nebulous concept. However, there are many great surveys that can help you understand how your users feel about your product or service. Benefits of customer satisfaction surveys Running a customer satisfaction survey has many benefits.

Usetiful named G2 High Performer in Customer Self-Service in Europe and Asia Pacific

  The G2 Spring 2023 results are out, and we’re excited to report another excellent performance for Usetiful. We've been named a High Performer in the Customer Self-Service categories for Europe and Asia Pacific.  With over 100,000 products listed on G2, getting any recognition is a real privilege. Usetiful appears alongside a real who's-who of customer self-service products, demonstrating why our customers choose us over big names with lots of hype and huge marketing budgets. G2 uses a mix of customer reviews and market presence to power the algorithms that determine the winners. As such, the awards have a lot of credibilities because they're based on the inputs that are important to customers who use the products every day. Some of the highlights of our Spring 2023 report are: 91% of Usetiful users would recommend our product 95% of users say Usetiful is easy to set up 92% of our users are delighted with our customer support 91% of users say it’s really easy to do busines