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GoHighLevel In-app guidance: Benefits & Implementation

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one sales, marketing, and CRM tool. It comes packed with some very comprehensive features, which can be a struggle for some users to adopt. That sounds like just the job for a digital adoption platform like Usetiful. What is GoHighLevel? GoHighLevel is a SaaS sales, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Designed for agencies and sales, marketing, and customer success teams, it's a fantastic solution for things like: Client acquisition Lead capture  Sales follow up Customer retention Invoicing and reporting The platform offers an incredible amount of features, including: High-converting sales funnels Landing page builders Website creators CRM  Appointment calendar Email marketing SMS communication tool In fact, GoHighLevel offers so many features and functionality that it can be challenging to get existing employees and new hires up to speed and generate value. When you invest in any digital tools, you need to ensure that your employee

What Is an Aha Moment and How Can You Have One

Aha moment is the sudden realization users feel when they find value in a product. It's the ‘wow’ feeling they recognize with its effectiveness and how to use it. What Is an Aha Moment, and How Can You Have One? Are you a business owner struggling to retain customers? Or do you have a website that your visitors don't subscribe to or sign up for your tools? Well, there is always a two-way explanation for this.  One reason is that you have yet to discover your aha moment as a business owner, and the other reason is the customers didn't find your tools useful to them. As a business owner, you always know the goal of your product, but only some customers see that immediately they land on your product/tools.  What is an Aha Moment Aha! moment is the point where users realize a product/tool's satisfaction, recognition, inspiration, and effectiveness. Think about this scenario; you’re looking for information on freelancing online, and you come across Dave Rogenmoser's bl

Creating an Interactive Walkthrough for Your WordPress

User retention is a big concern for software developers. That's true whether you are building an app or a website. Rising marketing costs mean that once you do get your product in front of users, you must ensure they make an impact. Interactive walkthroughs and product tours are one of the best ways to onboard users. When a user first sits down with your website, you want them to learn how they can get value from it immediately. Your potential customers need to know what actions they can take to solve their pain points and become regular users of your website. If you use a WordPress website — and there is a good chance you do because the platform has 43% of the global market share — then you should learn how to design an interactive walkthrough for your site. Just follow these simple steps, and you can educate your users and boost your retention and loyalty. Install Usetiful on WordPress If you want to unlock the power of product tours and walkthroughs, the first thing you need t