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User Onboarding Metrics That Matter Most

  Opening a new app can be a mixed bag. You have a problem you need to solve or a goal you want to achieve, and you think you’ve found an application to help. You may have read some reviews or seen the app in action, and for a brief moment, the possibilities stretch out before you. But what happens over the next few minutes can change your perception of the product. If the user onboarding process is good, it just flows naturally. There is minimal friction between you and your goals, and you feel confident you're engaging with the tool you need to resolve your pain point or objective. However, when your user onboarding experience is unsatisfactory, it can be disheartening. These situations can happen for any reason, including an overly complex signup process, too much information, a lack of guidance, or anything else that disrupts you getting value from the product.  So, how do you know if your onboarding isn’t making good on your product’s promise? The simplest way is to track onbo

Pet Media Group Saw a 161% Increase in User Activation and Feature Adoption With Usetiful Onboarding

  Pet Media Group is the world’s largest operator of online marketplaces within the pet sector. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden, but they operate six major dog or horse marketplaces across Europe, including the UK’s largest pet marketplace (and the world’s second-largest), Pets4Homes. Other notable pet marketplaces they run are Sweden’s Hästnet, the largest equestrian marketplace in Scandinavia, and MundoAnimalia in Spain. The business was started by two friends, Eyass Shakrah and Axel Lagercrantz. The pair felt that the existing processes of buying and selling pets were overly complex and too open to poor outcomes for breeders, buyers, and, worst of all, the pets themselves.  Their mission is to use technology to create a better, safer, and more efficient way for people to buy pets, but without compromising on animal welfare. Through smart partnerships and acquisitions, Pet Media Group has created or invested in market-leading brands and helped modernize the European pet market.