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Pet Media Group Saw a 161% Increase in User Activation and Feature Adoption With Usetiful Onboarding

  Pet Media Group is the world’s largest operator of online marketplaces within the pet sector. They are based in Stockholm, Sweden, but they operate six major dog or horse marketplaces across Europe, including the UK’s largest pet marketplace (and the world’s second-largest), Pets4Homes. Other notable pet marketplaces they run are Sweden’s Hästnet, the largest equestrian marketplace in Scandinavia, and MundoAnimalia in Spain. The business was started by two friends, Eyass Shakrah and Axel Lagercrantz. The pair felt that the existing processes of buying and selling pets were overly complex and too open to poor outcomes for breeders, buyers, and, worst of all, the pets themselves.  Their mission is to use technology to create a better, safer, and more efficient way for people to buy pets, but without compromising on animal welfare. Through smart partnerships and acquisitions, Pet Media Group has created or invested in market-leading brands and helped modernize the European pet market.

Hypefast Increases Its User Activation Rate by 27% With Usetiful

Hypefast is a major player in the Asia-Pacific digital native brand (DND) ecosystem. They help retail brands with investment, expertise, software, and infrastructure to grow and reach their potential. This case study will explore how Hypefast partnered with Usetiful to help implement improved digital adoption and user activation for its e-commerce marketplace management system, Melaka. What is Melaka? Melaka is an omnichannel marketplace management app that helps run businesses online. It features a suite of management tools for things like: Inventory management  Accounting Order management A point-of-sale system Marketing tools Analytics Customer relationship management  And more. Essentially, it’s a one-stop shop for everything that a business might need to thrive in the competitive e-commerce marketplace.  Who is Hypefast? Hypefast is a tech brand accelerator with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. These countries have thriving startup and tech communities, with recent

Bridging the Gap: Challenges to Greater Digital Adoption in Asia Pacific

  The broader economic story in the Asia Pacific region over the last few decades has been one of near-uninterrupted success. However, challenges have emerged in recent years, including COVID-19 and economic problems in China that have sent shockwaves across the region. As Asia Pacific's economies mature, the rate of growth has slowed. Industrialization helped the region reduce the gap with more developed economies, but further expansion will require a different approach that includes embracing digital technologies. A recent BCW report titled Digital Transformation in Asia-Pacific Communications suggests that 71% of companies plan to increase their digital transformation investments by 2025. However, 49% of respondents indicate a lack of senior management support for enacting digital changes. Economies are becoming increasingly complex and competitive. PWC reports that Asia Pacific countries must respond to these changes to stay relevant. They recommend “better data, deeper insigh