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Build your first Welcome Message

Why Welcome message? Welcome message has a great impact on how users perceive your application - you can set up a very friendly and human tone of conversation. On top of that - it is really easy to create one with Usetiful!

Introduce your product from human perspective and let users know you appreciate themActivate your users with call-to-action Get your Usetiful ready for more complex opportunities
Build the modalIn the Overview menu, click on "Add tour"
Tour name - Give your Welcome message a name so you can find it later
Let's keep it simple - page targeting should remain "All pages", trigger should remain to "Launch automatically". You can change these settings anytime later. Click "Continue".
Usetiful creates the first example modal for you. Click inside of the modal and update the content! Pro tip: Include pictures or video!

Buttons - your call to action Usetiful allows you to set up actionable buttons. These can lead customers…