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Preview Tours with Usetiful Chrome Extension

We are happy to introduce Usetiful for Chrome , a new browser extension that enables you to preview all your Usetiful product tours on any site without touching the code. Just follow the steps below to preview your product tours: Install plugin and preview your tour 1. Enter Google Chrome Web Store and install the  Usetiful: Product Tours  extension. (Note: Usetiful: Product Tours browser extension works with Chrome browser only) 2. When the plugin is successfully installed, the Usetiful icon will appear in the browser top bar with the following message. 3. Click on the Usetiful icon and log in using your Usetiful credentials. If you are currently logged in to the Usetiful, the plugin will connect to your account automatically. 4. Go to the page where you want to preview your tour. The bottom panel indicates whether the selected tour is available. (Note: Only tours that are allowed to be shown on given page will be offered - see Page Targeti

Campaign: Get Usetiful for 3 months free

How it works? It's simple! Write an honest review of Usetiful Get in touch with us and let us know about the review We upgrade your service for 3 months free FAQ Q: After the free 3 months, can I downgrade back? A: There is no commitment, you can downgrade or even cancel the service anytime. Q: What should I write in the review? A: Be honest! You can share, for example, your experience with Usetiful, the problems you were solving using Usetiful, the improvements we could do. Q: How can I get experience with Usetiful to write a review in the first place? A: We offer free forever tier, also a time-limited trials of premium tiers. Feel free to choose what fits best! Q: Can I choose another public review service? A: Feel free to get in touch and we will share with you all the viable alternatives. Any further questions? Let us know!