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What to Look for in Employee Onboarding Software

  Good employee onboarding has a significant impact on retention, job satisfaction, and engagement. While this has been common knowledge in the business community for years, putting the theory into practice is still a persistent issue for many organizations. Onboarding is about far more than just signing documents, getting login credentials, and meeting a new team. It’s also about learning and adopting new tools so that new hires are ready to contribute to the business in meaningful ways as quickly as possible. Thankfully, dedicated software for employee onboarding and training can help businesses unlock these benefits and show the consideration and respect that are the building blocks of a healthy employer-employee relationship. Understanding that you need an employee onboarding solution and actually picking the right one for your business are different things. Software vendor selection is a challenge, with the consequences of bad choices, including lost time, money, and momentum.  T

Customer Self-Service Widget, Making It Easy for Customers to Get Help

  Advances in our understanding of UI/UX mean that apps and websites are easier to use and more intuitive than ever. But no matter how flawless designs become, customers will need help occasionally.  Users approach technology from different levels of experience and know-how, so it's essential to provide assistance when they need it and where they need it.  So, let's talk about Usetiful Assistant, the widget that helps you help your users. What is Usetiful Assistant? Usetiful Assistant, a 24/7 customer self-service widget Usetiful Assistant is a customer onboarding self-service widget that allows you to provide in-app assistance to your users. Typically, onboarding content focuses on the first few days that a user interacts with a product. Things like onboarding checklists, product tours, and tooltips help users get to grips with a product, guiding them toward achieving specific objectives, and so on. However, Usetiful Assistant has a more long-term focus. It offers you a way t

How DAP Can Help Your Sales and Marketing Teams

  These are trying times for the overall business community. The rise in interest rates has slowed economic activity, with subsequent budget cuts targeting sales and marketing departments in particular.  You've probably already heard how digital adoption platforms (DAPs) like Usetiful can boost sales and marketing for your product. But what about using the software to help your sales and marketing employees?  In this article, we'll show how you can use a digital adoption solution like Usetiful to drive better outcomes for not just your product and your users but also your employees. Image by our-team on Freepik Sales reps and time to productivity (TTP) If you're familiar with digital adoption tools like Usetiful, you'll already understand concepts like time to value (TTV). In short, it's a metric that measures how long it takes a user to get value from your product. Another way you can look at this is how long it takes someone to engage with your product and gain a