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Customer Self-Service Widget, Making It Easy for Customers to Get Help

 Advances in our understanding of UI/UX mean that apps and websites are easier to use and more intuitive than ever. But no matter how flawless designs become, customers will need help occasionally. 

Users approach technology from different levels of experience and know-how, so it's essential to provide assistance when they need it and where they need it. 

So, let's talk about Usetiful Assistant, the widget that helps you help your users.

What is Usetiful Assistant?

Usetiful Assistant, a 24/7 customer self-service widget

Usetiful Assistant is a customer onboarding self-service widget that allows you to provide in-app assistance to your users. Typically, onboarding content focuses on the first few days that a user interacts with a product. Things like onboarding checklists, product tours, and tooltips help users get to grips with a product, guiding them toward achieving specific objectives, and so on.

However, Usetiful Assistant has a more long-term focus. It offers you a way to provide your users with 24-7 available customer support from right inside your product. When users have a problem, they don’t need to leave your app. Instead, they type their issue into the Assistant search bar and get access to a wealth of information, like your:

  • Tutorial videos

  • Knowledge base

  • FAQs

  • Product tous

Anything that Assistant can’t resolve can be redirected to your existing customer support team. It’s the perfect solution for modern software products.

The power of self-service in-app support

Self-service is important to customers. If they have a question or an issue, they want answers immediately. They don’t have time to wait around for a response, especially for minor problems. In-app support is excellent because it offers your users a seamless experience. Help is there right when they need it.

Business benefits of using customer self-service widgets

Customer self-service software like Usetiful Assistant comes with many benefits. Here are a few of the most important ways it can transform your business.

#1. Boost customer retention

Automating your customer support improves retention. Customers want a seamless experience with minimal friction; automated support gives them precisely that. Quick, easy access to questions inside your app means you keep user's attention and help them achieve their goals or objectives with your product and not someone else's.

#2. Increase customer success

Customer success involves a mix of different factors. Some of the most important things are reducing churn, driving renewals, increasing trust, and proactively resolving customer problems. A self-service widget like Assistant is part of that process because it ensures that your users have help at their fingertips to help them get the most from your product.

#3. Reduced customer support costs

Manual customer support costs time and money. Saving these resources means you can direct them into other business areas, like marketing or improving your product. Assistant helps connect your users with FAQs, knowledge bases, and tutorials, meaning you can solve common problems quickly. 

Usetiful Assistant helps connect your users with FAQs, knowledge bases and walkthroughs.

#4. Better data means a better product

Customer self-service software like Usetiful is also a source of data about the subjects and situations where your customers need help. Collecting these reports can provide great feedback about the areas where your product needs to improve. 

Additionally, by using Reports, you can look at the number of assists of the tour topics and subjects users go for in the Assistant. This process can inspire your content planning and direct you to build a more comprehensive set of help documents and pages that deal with the issues that matter to your users.

#5. 24-7 Support

For businesses with clients all around the world, providing 24-7 support is a big headache. Assistant is always on, so you can clock off for the day knowing that if one of your users has an issue, they can find help within your app.

#6. Self-service is scalable 

For startups and scaleups, high-velocity growth is the goal. However, it can also be a problem. Too many businesses have experienced growing pains as they add customers at a faster speed than they can employ support staff. Customer self-service software like Usetiful can solve these issues by scaling with you and providing responsive customer support, no matter how busy you get.

Can customer self-service software solve every issue?

Customer self-service options are an excellent way to deal with most support issues. Assistant is perfect for frequent problems that can be resolved with a tutorial video, an FAQ, or a knowledge base article. However, some situations need manual intervention.

Thankfully, Usetiful can integrate with other tools, so if your users can’t get an answer, they can connect with you by email or via a messenger platform. Assistant can take care of most of the queries, so your support team is ready to resolve the more difficult matters that need manual assistance.

Why choose Usetiful Assistant as your customer self-service widget?

Usetiful Assistant is a great choice as your customer self-service widget for several reasons. Here are four compelling reasons for choosing Assistant.

#1. No-code

Our tool is no-code, which means it’s perfect for non-technical teams. Assistant is easy to integrate within your app or website, meaning you can provide excellent customer support quickly and easily.

#2. Easy customization

Assistant is also easy to customize around your brand. By selecting the right colors and text, your widget can match the look and feel of your app. This functionality means you can create a seamless customer experience.

#3. Excellent support

We understand the value of excellent self-service and manual support. Our team is always ready to deal with your queries and provide solutions as quickly as possible. What’s more, our team can help you integrate Assistant within your app or website. All you need to do is reach out!

#4. Cost-effective

When compared with other customer self-service widgets, Assistant provides excellent value for money. 

Final thoughts

Usetiful is a part of the customer self-service revolution. We’ve been named by G2 as a Momentum Leader and High Performer in the Customer Self-Service space because we provide a range of features that allow teams to provide seamless help for their users from inside their product.

Try out Usetiful Assistant today to give your users the support they deserve.

Usetiful is recognised by G2 as the Leader & Momentum Leader in Digital Adoption Platforms & Customer Self-Service category.

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