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How to Achieve Greater Customer Success with a DAP

  A recent report in G2 states that web traffic for their Customer Success product category grew by 42% last year. This surge of interest suggests that businesses are prioritizing customer retention over customer acquisition.  This news isn't surprising. Fears of a recession are gripping the business world. A Twilio Segment report from late last year backs up G2's findings. Their survey indicates 2 in 3 businesses are shifting focus from growth to retention in light of economic issues. So what can businesses do to improve their customer success? Statistics suggest that customer self-service is a significant element of customer success. For example: Almost 40% of customers say they can resolve issues more quickly through self-service. 88% of users expect a company to offer a customer self-service option Over 80% of customers want more self-service options, but only 15% are happy with existing tools It's clear what customers want. How businesses meet that need is the centr

Employee Onboarding: Why Days at Work are Critical for Success

The second half of 2022 saw the emergence of one of the most challenging labor markets the world has ever seen. To a degree, the labor market started transforming at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic with employees being laid off or asked to work from home. Asked to return two years later, many cited changed priorities as their main reason to quit their jobs.  The Great Resignation, as it became known, put employers in a difficult position. A far higher-than-usual volume of resignations left key positions open for long periods of time. Service delivery suffered across numerous industry sectors. As we are entering 2023, the labor market has been projected to slow its growth trajectory, but that does not mean employers can relax just now.  Successful onboarding remains one of the critical points of the recruitment process. Getting this stage right can determine whether a new employee leaves within a few months or stays with the company for years.  How the Human Resources (HR) Lan