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AARRR: What Is The Pirate Metric & How to Use It To Grow Your Business

  The AARRR Framework, affectionately known as the Pirate Metrics, is a growth model that startups and scale-ups use to analyze and optimize the user journey. The beauty of the framework lies in its ability to break down the user journey into manageable chunks so you can understand, improve and resolve each one to accelerate growth. Let’s look at the stages of AARRR and how you can use this approach to grow your business. Image by Freepik The five stages of AARRR Let’s take a quick look at the five stages of AARRR so you can quickly orient yourself with the concept. Acquisition: User acquisition refers to how you help customers find your product or service. Activation: User activation refers to users' first positive experience with your product or the set of actions they need to take to become an active user. Retention: User retention is about what you can do to keep your users engaged. Referral: Referrals happen when your users love your product so much that they recommend it to

How to Use In-App Notifications to Boost Engagement

  While designing great products that actually solve user problems is the best path to user engagement, even the best developers need a helping hand from time to time. In-app notifications can drive better user onboarding experiences, feature adoption, customer retention, and, ultimately, greater user engagement.  Let’s look at how you can unlock the power of in-app notifications. What are in-app notifications? In-app notifications are things like messages, banners , or pop-ups that appear as notifications within your app. Unlike push notifications, in-app notifications: Only appear when the user has the app open Don’t require opt-in or consent Don’t disturb users when they are in different mindsets One of the most compelling things about in-app notifications is their versatility.  You can use them for customer service, promotions, product information, gathering feedback, and more.  In effect, in-app notifications are the perfect choice for sending timely, relevant information that hel