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The Challenges of the Digital Workplace and How to Overcome Them

  The digital workplace offers an exciting new frontier in how we think about work. However, like any form of technological disruption, businesses must overcome specific challenges to unlock the potential benefits of this change. Let’s explore some of these roadblocks and see how a digital adoption platform (DAP) can provide an elegant solution. Image by DCStudio on Freepik What is the digital workplace? The digital workplace is a decentralized work ecosystem connected by digital devices, tools, and platforms, enabling deep collaboration across various locations.  It’s a virtual space that mirrors the connectivity of the office but with a greater emphasis on seamless interactions, information and resource access, productivity, and personalization. According to the consultancy firm Forrester, the digital workplace consists of six main pillars . They are: Core productivity platforms Employee-facing HR tools An orchestration layer Experience touchpoints Analytics Application integration.

How Customer Self-Service Can Benefit Your Business

  Customer-self service is everywhere. Over the last decade, the process has been adopted by leading businesses, such as Apple, Amazon, and Netflix, with small to medium-sized enterprises following suit. Now, it's a must-have if you want happy customers and efficient business operations. Let's explore the practice and some of its benefits before sharing how you can get customer self-service right and delight your customers. Image by pressfoto on Freepik What is customer-self service? Customer self-service describes a collection of channels that allow your users to find help quickly, easily, and independently. The concept includes things like your knowledge portals, websites, help centers, etc. Customers like self-service, especially for more everyday inquiries and incidents. Instead of sitting on hold on the phone, waiting for a reply to an email, or staying in the queue to speak to a customer chat portal representative, they can get instant answers to their questions. But cust

How DAP & LMS Work Together to Improve Employee Experience and L&D

  Learning and development is a big deal. Get it right, and you can increase employee retention, engagement, and overall productivity. But what's the best way to get these critical learning materials in front of your employees? Digital adoption platforms (DAPs) and learning management systems (LMSs) are two popular software solutions for employee learning and development. But Instead of using one the other, forward-thinking teams are using them together because they're a match made in heaven. Let's explore how to pair up these products for a next-level digital employee experience. Image by pressfoto on Freepik What do LMS and DAPs do? LMS and DAPs are both employee onboarding tools. For the sake of clarity, let's look at  each one in a little more detail. What is an LMS? LMS stands for Learning Management System. They are also known as Learning Experience Systems. Businesses worldwide use LMSs to onboard new hires and teach various skills they use for the job. However,