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Measure effectiveness of product tours

   This article introduces the reporting features of Usetiful - the user onboarding software. The analytics measure the effectiveness of your experiences made by your product tours. Iterate on your results, improve your tours and maximize user engagement!

How to add a Product Tour to Confluence

How to easily add a product guide to your Confluence page? This quick guide describes how to do it even without administrative rights. 1. Get your Usetiful code Log in to your account on  Usetiful .com and click the " Embed code " button. The code will show up in the modal dialog. Copy it to the clipboard (select the code and press Ctrl+C). 2. Paste the code into HTML macro Edit or Create new page on Confluence, where the tour should show up. When in Confluence editor, choose from the toolbas the option  " Insert more content " and select the option " Other macros " at the bottom of the list. Search for the " HTML " in the displayed modal dialog. Add the HTML macro into the page and paste the Usetiful code inside. Save the page. 3. Configure the tour If you don't have a product tour created - you can create new one in Usetiful! Here are few tips & tricks . Tour will show up automatically, if paramete

Pricing of Usetiful Plus and Usetiful Premium

Pricing Usetiful Free:  up to 2.000 assists per month, 1 team member - free forever! Usetiful Plus: up to 5.000 assists per month, 2 team members - €29 / month Usetiful Premium: up to 20.000 assists per month, 7 team members - €99 / month up to 35.000 assists per month, 7 team members - €199 / month up to 50.000 assists per month, 7 team members - €299 / month License model Usetiful provides a flexible and fair model - your subscription plan determines what features are available and how many assists do we provide monthly to your users. Assist is, simply, how many times has Usetiful helped your users. We are fair: We do not charge for visitors to your page, only when they interact with Usetiful. We do not charge for the number of tours. With Usetiful Plus or Usetiful Premium, you can create as many tours as needed to support the adoption of your product! We do not charge for the number of pages or domains. Support your products on all their domains and language versions. We respect