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Hypefast Increases Its User Activation Rate by 27% With Usetiful

Hypefast is a major player in the Asia-Pacific digital native brand (DND) ecosystem. They help retail brands with investment, expertise, software, and infrastructure to grow and reach their potential.

This case study will explore how Hypefast partnered with Usetiful to help implement improved digital adoption and user activation for its e-commerce marketplace management system, Melaka.

What is Melaka?

Melaka is an omnichannel marketplace management app that helps run businesses online. It features a suite of management tools for things like:

  • Inventory management 

  • Accounting

  • Order management

  • A point-of-sale system

  • Marketing tools

  • Analytics

  • Customer relationship management 

  • And more.

Essentially, it’s a one-stop shop for everything that a business might need to thrive in the competitive e-commerce marketplace. 

Who is Hypefast?

Hypefast is a tech brand accelerator with offices in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. These countries have thriving startup and tech communities, with recent articles suggesting that Indonesia's digital transformation is a remarkable and sadly under-celebrated story for the region in recent years. 

While government investment and innovative programs have certainly played a part in Indonesia’s booming tech sector, private investment from firms like Hypefast has been hugely influential. 

Indeed, in recent years, capital was sloshing around and finding high-potential brands. However, without expert advice and support, many brands struggle to achieve growth. 

Hypepast solves this issue by providing the capital, advice, and networking required for brands to break through.

Why did Hypefast need help with Melaka?

As one of Hypefast's new brands, Melaka was struggling with some problems that are familiar to many new startup brands. The three core areas that it needed help were:

  • Improving user acquisition

  • Enhancing user experience

  • Boosting customer satisfaction

Thankfully, the team at Melaka was aware of the bottlenecks that were hindering their growth. However, improving these issues was going to take resources that they didn’t have. Again, Melaka is not alone in this issue. Many new brands know what it will take for them to cut through the noise and establish a strong foothold in the market. However, finding the time and money to do this is an issue.

Melaka’s problem was simple: How could they deploy their initiatives in a short space of time without relying on their development team?

How Hypefast leveraged Usetiful to improve user engagement and activation

Melaka needed a solid user onboarding tool that would alleviate their reliance on their development team without breaking the bank. So, they turned to Usetiful as a digital adoption solution that could bring them to the next level.

They looked at the AARRR or Pirate Metrics and decided to address the first two stages: Acquisition and Activation. Let’s explore how they handled each situation.

User Acquisition

Melaka wanted to increase its user acquisition. To do this, they focused on their landing page. One of the main ways they used Usetiful was to add a webinar pop-up banner on their landing page and take advantage of users who were on the hunt for information. Melaka’s target market is online businesses. Acquiring these users involves long sales cycles because committing to marketplace management is a big decision. Webinars are a perfect way to engage and win over these prospects and generate leads.

The results were impressive and included:

  • A 70% increase in visitors to their webinar registration page

  • An 80% rise in users that register for their webinar.

This was a small addition that had big effects.

User Activation

Next up, Melaka wanted to improve its user activation. They used Usetiful Product Tours to show newly registered users around. Again, the impact here was significant with:

  • User Activation Rate going up by 27%

  • The time for users to get activation going down by 15 hours

However, the benefits didn’t stop there. Once users took the welcome tour, they became more likely to engage with the product in other ways. In particular, 10% of users performed more activities after watching the tour, while user page views increased by 50% after the tour.

Customer satisfaction

An additional area that Melaka wanted to improve was customer satisfaction, which is a critical pillar of customer success. Like any sensible brand, Melaka saw collecting customer feedback as a meaningful way to understand customer satisfaction levels and get essential information that they could use to improve their brand's relationships with their clients.

They triggered Usetiful’s hassle-free NPS pop-up right after users completed certain core activities, and, once again, the results were really promising. Here, Melaka saw gains that included:

  • A 3X rise in the number of respondents

  • A 7X rise in response rates

Key takeaways 

Working with Useitful has been a great success for Hypefast. While the numbers listed above tell that story, our partnership has also helped Hypefast in other ways, some of which are listed below.

Here are some of the key takeaways for the brand from working with an onboarding solution like Usetiful.

#1. No-code tools save time and money

It’s no secret that no-code tools help teams save time and money. The cost of using developers is high, and thanks to their busy schedules, it can take a long time between coming up with an idea and finally seeing it executed within your product. Even revenue-generating additions to your product can get left behind when developers are working on different projects. 

Of course, the big issue for many startups and new businesses is that they lack the resources (both time and money) to throw at the problem. No-code digital adoption tools are an elegant solution to these issues because they provide an efficient solution to improving user activation or feature adoption and allow the budget to be rotated into other business areas. 

#2. No-code tools save dependency on development teams

Development teams are some of the busiest and most overworked departments in modern business environments. Engineers are spread thin with long to-do lists and lots of nontechnical teams dragging them in one direction and the other. 

No-code tools are slowly changing that by making the world of software development available to non-technical teams. Usetiful is built to make things easy for everyone thanks to its intuitive, drag-and-drop interface that allows employees of different technical levels to create professional-looking, branded overlays on their applications like banners, pop-ups, walkthroughs, tooltips, surveys, and a whole lot more.

What’s more, because you don’t need to go through a protracted back and forth with developers, you can get experimental with new additions to your site and test different graphics, copy, color, and more.

#3. Effective user activation relies on understanding relevant core activities 

Understanding relevant core activities is the cornerstone of effective user activation. A large part of this is about taking advantage of the mind state that your users are in when they engage with your product. 

In Melaka’s situation, they used Usetiful product tours to show users around what is a featured-packed and complex platform. Some of the things to consider here are:

  • What are the user's goals once they’ve signed up for your product?

  • What actions do they need to take to achieve these goals?

  • Which features or functions of your product support achieving these goals?

  • What is your product's “aha moment,” and how can you guide your user toward it?

Keep all these questions in mind as you build your product tours.

#4. Leverage your most active pages 

Your most active pages offer ample opportunity. Hypefast looked at the Melaka landing page and dashboard as high-potential areas and built onboarding content to make the most of this momentum. 

Again, this is about understanding user intent. If users are on your landing page, they are displaying interest in your product or service. If they are on the dashboard, it means they are already highly interested in your product, but they could do with a nudge toward becoming active users. 

Hypebeast reasoned that landing page users were on the hunt for information that could be satisfied by a webinar. They were correct. Additionally, when users were on the dashboard, they were best served by educational onboarding content in the form of a product tour.

It’s about understanding your most active pages and why your users are there.

#5. High feedback response rates are all about timing

Getting user feedback is a hugely important aspect of the product management lifecycle. However, extracting that information from your customers isn’t always easy. Improving feedback participation rates is about removing barriers and making things as easy and as frictionless as possible.

Hypefast recognized this, so they yielded Usetiful’s powerful in-app NPS survey feature to ask for feedback after relevant actions. This process works because the task or feature is fresh in the user's mind, and because it happens in-app, it’s more convenient for users to provide information that lets them know what you’re doing well and where you can improve.

Watch the webinar

Hypefast and Usetiful hosted a webinar late last year to talk about the positive effects that the Usetiful digital adoption platform had on the Melaka platform's product adoption and user experience. If you want to get a deeper insight into the case study, you can watch the webinar by clicking on this link.

Final thoughts

Hypefast knew what actions they needed to take to improve user acquisition, activation, and satisfaction for the Melaka app. However, time and budget constraints made these initiatives difficult to execute. Partnering with Usetiful proved hugely beneficial as the team made use of in-app banners, product tours, and user feedback surveys to generate leads and active users.

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