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Tips for Improving Your Sales Demo with Usetiful and Zapier

 Interactive product demo automation is a big deal right now. With lean, product-led growth models growing in relevance by the day, now is the perfect time to see how Usetiful-Zapier integrations can streamline your sales demo process and help drive conversion while you sleep.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a no-code tool that connects third-party apps and services. The beauty of this software is that it allows non-technical teams to build time and cost-saving automation, like automatically populating your CRM when someone enters your sales demo.

Now that Usetiful integrates with Zapier, you can make Zaps from our software and enhance your customer experience further, including improvements to your interactive product demo performance.

Here is a link to our technical article showing how you can set up Zapier to work seamlessly with Usetiful.

But for now, let's explore some use cases for Zapier in the sales demo space.

How Zapier works

To give you an idea of the possibilities of the Zapier-Usetiful integration, we'll give you a high-level overview of how Zapier works.

Essentially, you can tell it what to do with actions and triggers.

Let's say you have a sales demo form. Your prospect fills out some details; then you can Zap that data to your Usetiful product tour and personalize their experiences. Add their name, video walkthroughs based on their professional or industry, or other alterations.

Similarly, if something happens in Usetiful, for example, a customer completes a product tour, you can use this trigger to Zap a specific action, like sending your sales team a Slack message to say the user has signed up.

Zapier-Usetiful integration use cases for Sales demos

We've outlined the basic mechanics of how Zaps can improve customer experience and help your sales teams. You can probably already imagine a few different ways to use this integration to improve your interactive product demo.

Here are a few more of the endless possibilities you have when integrating Usetiful and Zapier.

#1. Send data to your CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools have become essential to the buyer and customer journey. Usetiful's integration with Zapier just made the process easier and richer.

We all know that asking for excessive information before customers have proof of concept is challenging. So instead of throwing up barriers, let your prospects engage with your tools and then use Usetiful forms to collect the information and send it by Zap to your CRM.

Alternatively, you can use the completion of a product tour or other defined action to prompt your user to connect with another web application where they can make a purchase or leave their details.

In essence, you can use Usetiful and Zapier to improve your interactive product demo output by filling up your sales pipeline with fresh, engaged leads.

#2. Capitalize on an AHA moment

If a prospect is using a sales demo or trial version of your product and reaches their AHA moment using Usetiful, you can send an email or Slack message to your sales team. Your prospect will be engaged and warm, and ready to go. Salespeople love those kinds of leads.

#3.Survey results

If your user leaves feedback inside Usetiful or fills out other interesting information, you can use this data as a trigger to populate your CRM or communication tools. For example, you can use Zaps to send Net Promoter Score data from Usetiful to your CRM or emails.

This process will allow you to respond quickly to feedback or capitalize on the interest. Quick response times are essential for customer retention and engagement. They can help you manage problems before they fester and make your customers feel more valued, which enhances loyalty and trust.

#4. Let Usetiful assist with your sales

Because Usetiful helps you show your existing customers how to get value from new features and functions, you can use our tool to send Zaps to your sales and accounts teams.

If users request upgrades, add-ons, or subscription renewals, you can know straight away and activate these requests. Additionally, you can answer any pricing queries or other information straightaway, meaning no lost time and shorter sales cycles.

You can also apply the same thinking to your interactive product demo. More responsiveness and better information will make your sales interactions that bit better.

#5. Failed payment alerts

Users' payments fail from time to time. While you can send them an email, you can also let them know through Usetiful when they use your product. These reminders are great ways to keep your monthly recurring revenue going strong, and you can even link to your payment portal to make things as straightforward as possible.

#6. Data collection

User activity of any kind in Usetiful can be a trigger for helpful customer information. Survey responses, the success or failure to complete checklists, activating specific actions, and so on can all be sent as data for your analytics tools. 

You can use this information for sales outreach or follow-up or crunch the numbers to get feedback about your products. Where do users stop engaging? Which features or functions do they ignore? Are there any points where they become confused about your product?

Recording this data into Excel, AirTable, Google Analytics, or data analytics tools becomes very scalable with a Usetiful-Zapier integration. For example, it can go straight to your development team to improve your products and make them stickier or easier to use. Your interactive sales demo data can boost sales and development


Like Usetiful, Zapier is a user-friendly, no-code tool designed to make life easier for you and your customers. A straightforward drag-and-drop interface allows you to create connections between your software stack, meaning you can benefit from detailed, real-time information.

Over 2 million businesses already use Zapier to customize, improve, and automate their workflow. When paired with Usetiful, it's a great way to enhance your audience experience and deliver the information that matters to your teams.

Saving staff hours, improving collaboration possibilities, and ensuring your customers and prospects are seen and heard are all significant parts of running a modern organization. Zapier integrates with over 5,000 apps, so the only limits are your creativity. 

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