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Drive your digital adoption with Usetiful

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) are used by businesses worldwide to simplify the user experience using guiding capabilities, engagement and user behavior insights. DAP have positive benefit on retention rate, conversion rate and on user satisfaction.

Usetiful is the Digital Adoption Platform that allows you to iterate on user adoption without any prior experience. Usetiful is designed to be friendly and seamless when setting up, while being powerful in supporting all your use cases.

Read more to learn how Usetiful can help you improve your user engagement.

User engagement and activation

User engagement is how frequently and for how long does user engage with your software product, website or app. High engagement indicates higher interest in your product as user invests more time and energy, effectively creating a habit and giving you more opportunities to monetize.

Before we jump into improving the user engagement, it is necessary to step back and define which parts of user journey are critical. Few examples:
  • eCommerce store would focus on the core shopping experience - user engagement means interacting with your catalog, choosing a product and making a purchase. This is the example of focused user engagement, where the user experience is curated to close the deal and increase conversion rate.
  • Blog would focus on the time user spends on site - user engagement means interaction with your content. The more time user spends on your site reading posts or watching videos, the more revenue from ads. This is an example of exploratory user engagement - user is continually exploring and engaging with new content.

Focused user engagements

In an eCommerce world it is common to focus on conversion - getting the deal done. Based on your strategy you will be more or less aggressive in navigating your user to the Checkout process.

Usetiful can help you to guide user to the Checkout process and to ensure successful conversion.

For software as a service (SaaS) products the focused user engagement revolves about key moments in the user journey such as registration or monetization.

Usetiful curates the experience that guides the user towards the goal - conversion.

Exploratory user engagements

Time is of a essence in the exploratory user engagements. The motivation is to keep user on your page for as long as possible.

Usetiful lets the user to explore more of your content or features by recommending what to do next. Recommendations can be shown at the right moment and are designed to not interrupt user in the current activity.

Fast workaround for UX problems

When problem with user journey occurs, it is ideal to resolve the root cause of the problem. Unfortunately, this is often impossible to happen fast due to long development times or due to dependency on 3rd party vendor.

Usetiful helps to improve the user experience immediately by providing smart tips or guidance in the confusing parts of user journey.

Direct monetization

Direct monetization means that your product relies on purchase or subscription from your customers, as contrary to ad-revenue or partner-based revenue.

The direct monetization user journey can consist of both exploratory user engagements (learning about your features or exploring your product catalog) and focused user engagements (up-sell campaigns or a checkout process).

During the exploratory phase, Usetiful can keep the user engaged with new inputs, such as with additional articles to read, products to consider or features to try. Usetiful Enterprise, on top, is building a unique profile for every user that can be used for personalization of the experience later on.

At certain point, the focus user engagement is triggered. The trigger can be simply a product put into the shopping cart or a more complicated trigger, such as user exploring enough of your content.

Usetiful can handle the monetization using a simple popup or a whole guided tour through the checkout process. Various alternatives of engagement can be A/B tested against each other to deliver the ideal results.

With Usetiful Enterprise, a personal user profile can be created and maintained. Thanks to the user profile, you can provide a personalized experience even to a returning visitor or an existing customer to achieve a higher retention rate.

Engaging existing customers

Ritual and tradition - existing users of your product often love the product the way it is and will complain about any change in their journey. On the other side, you iterate on new and better features, update content and improve the design.

How to ensure that existing users accept and enjoy the changes?

Apart from motivated early adopters or your promoters, the average users do not explore your product proactively searching for improvements or changes. Therefore it is common that they notice the improvements only at the moment when cumulatively they mean a big change and a change to their rituals.

Usetiful helps you to avoid these surprises by continually engaging users with micro-changes, such as new features or new content. Keeping the users in the loop with your improvements means that they are never surprised by large breaking changes.

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