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User Onboarding Metrics That Matter Most

  Opening a new app can be a mixed bag. You have a problem you need to solve or a goal you want to achieve, and you think you’ve found an application to help. You may have read some reviews or seen the app in action, and for a brief moment, the possibilities stretch out before you. But what happens over the next few minutes can change your perception of the product. If the user onboarding process is good, it just flows naturally. There is minimal friction between you and your goals, and you feel confident you're engaging with the tool you need to resolve your pain point or objective. However, when your user onboarding experience is unsatisfactory, it can be disheartening. These situations can happen for any reason, including an overly complex signup process, too much information, a lack of guidance, or anything else that disrupts you getting value from the product.  So, how do you know if your onboarding isn’t making good on your product’s promise? The simplest way is to track onbo

How to Optimize Your User Onboarding Funnel for Maximum Conversions

  The user onboarding funnel is a great way to get visibility into the steps your user takes from signing up for your product and converting into a regular user. Here’s how you leverage user onboarding software like Usetiful to optimize your onboarding funnel. What is a user onboarding funnel? A user onboarding funnel is a map of the journey a new user takes from signing up for your product to becoming a competent and loyal user. Typically structured as a set of steps, the onboarding funnel is geared toward helping users understand why your product is valuable, how they can use it, and experience the early wins that will keep them coming back for more.  How user onboarding funnels can drive conversions Image by on Freepik User onboarding funnels help you get granular about onboarding. While a holistic view of onboarding is essential, it also helps to drill down into each stage. Breaking the user onboarding journey into discrete stages opens up a lot of benefits, which you