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Measure effectiveness of product tours

This article introduces the reporting features of Usetiful - the user onboarding software. The analytics measure the effectiveness of your experiences made by your product tours. Iterate on your results, improve your tours and maximize user engagement!

Reports are available in Usetiful Plus - start a 14-day free trial to try it out.
Then you can find your data for specific tours in the Reports section.

The reporting dashboard contains several key metrics and charts with tour data:
  • Assists last 30 days - represent people that were supported. It does not matter how many times the user was assisted on a given day, or how many tour steps were opened - we always count just one.
  • Tours started and Tours completed represent how many tours were actively started by your users (the second step was reached) and how many finished (the last step was finished).
    • If these values are low, it shows that the first step isn't attractive to users, so they don't continue on the tour. Improve text content and labels of the actions that lead to the next steps.
  • The performance chart shows a historical trend of assists, tour starts, and tour completes.
  • The chart in section Steps shows how many times the particular steps of the tour were displayed.
    • If the views between the steps drop, improve navigation. For example, you can enable to show progress or change the names of buttons.

For a better comparison of performance between all your guided product tours, return to the list of reports. All the important numbers are updated daily in the table.

We hope that you will find tour reports useful to maximize user engagement and activation.

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