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Usetiful Plus - pricing

License model

Usetiful Plus provides a flexible and fair model, where we charge you for assists - how many times Usetiful helped your users.

We are fair:
  • We do not charge for visitors of your page, only when they interact with Usetiful tours.
  • We do not charge for amount of tours. Create as much content as needed to support the adoption of your product!
  • We do not charge for amount of webpages or domains. Support your products on all their domains and language versons.


  • up to 2.000 assists per month - €19.99 / month (€29.99 / month)
  • up to 5.000 assists per month - €59 / month
  • up to 10.000 assists per month - €99 / month
  • up to 20.000 assists per month - €199 / month
  • up to 30.000 assists per month - €299 / month
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Startup program

Usetiful helps startups to grow with special Startup deal.

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Usetiful contains an advanced editor that enables you to build tours visually without any programming skills. Try it yourself with 14-day trial.

Preview Tours with Usetiful Chrome Extension

We are happy to introduce Usetiful for Chrome, a new browser extension that enables you to preview all your Usetiful product tours on any site without touching the code. Just follow the steps below to preview your product tours:

Install plugin and preview your tour 1. Enter Google Chrome Web Store and install the Usetiful: Product Tours extension.

(Note: Usetiful: Product Tours browser extension works with Chrome browser only)
2. When the plugin is successfully installed, the Usetiful icon will appear in the browser top bar with the following message.

3. Click on the Usetiful icon and log in using your Usetiful credentials. If you are currently logged in to the Usetiful, the plugin will connect to your account automatically.
4. Go to the page where you want to preview your tour. The bottom panel indicates whether the selected tour is available.
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The easiest way is to use our Chrome extension.

Usetiful for Chrome extension (Recommended) 1. We recommend you to first install the extension - it enables you to preview product tours directly on your page without embedding the code. When on the page, it allows you to get the element selector on just one click.

2. Inside the tour editor, the "Element" field require you to enter the selector of the HTML element on your site.

Click on the "Select element" action on the right side of the field.  The following dialog will appear if the Usetiful browser extension is enabled.

3. Enter the address of your web page and click "Open page"
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