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Pricing of Usetiful Plus and Usetiful Premium


Usetiful Free: 
  • up to 2.000 assists per month, 1 team member - free forever!
Usetiful Plus:
  • up to 5.000 assists per month, 2 team members - €29 / month
Usetiful Premium:
  • up to 20.000 assists per month, 7 team members - €99 / month
  • up to 35.000 assists per month, 7 team members - €199 / month
  • up to 50.000 assists per month, 7 team members - €299 / month

License model

Usetiful provides a flexible and fair model - your subscription plan determines what features are available and how many assists do we provide monthly to your users.

Assist is, simply, how many times has Usetiful helped your users.

We are fair:
  • We do not charge for visitors to your page, only when they interact with Usetiful.
  • We do not charge for the number of tours. With Usetiful Plus or Usetiful Premium, you can create as many tours as needed to support the adoption of your product!
  • We do not charge for the number of pages or domains. Support your products on all their domains and language versions.
  • We respect that in reality the amount of assists are hard to estimate and fluctuates. We provide maximum tolerance towards temporary peaks. In case of permanent overuse, we will never block your service during your prepaid period - instead, we will open a conversation with you.

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