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Cover multiple page walkthrough with just one product tour

Our Digital Adoption Platform simplifies complex product flows with the step-by-step walkthroughs and smart tips. This article provides tips and tricks on how to deliver structured learning paths with Usetiful, especially when you need to:

  • cover multiple pages within just one product tour to keep your users focused
  • reduce the number of tours to keep the content management simple

One product tour rules them all

Usetiful allows you to cover multiple pages with just one product tour. All you need is to set up the tour and its steps correctly.


Let's say we want the tour to cover Home (index.php) and Form (form.php) pages of our demo application. 
Welcome page
Form page
Firstly, we need to define the Page Targeting to ensure that the tour appears on these 2 pages only. We enter the tour settings and set up the condition "URL contains" with the value "index.php|form.php". This way the tour appears only on pages that have "index.php" or "form.php" as part of their URL.

We want the tour to autoplay once users reach the first page, so we enable the "Autoplay" option. Also we want to remember user's progress with the tour, so the feature "Remember the last step" is also enabled.

Now we can continue to build the content of the tour. Our demo scenario is that the user is introduced to features on the Home page first (index.php is the landing page that the user needs to visit before reaching other parts of the application). Then the user navigates to the Form page (form.php) where the tour should automatically continue.

The steps before "redirect" will be available on the Home page and steps after the "Redirect to Form.php" will display once the user reaches the Form page. Let's have a look at how the redirect is configured:

The redirect step contains the address of the Form page in the field "Next page address". It is also defined that the current tour continues on the target location

Users can be redirected either automatically, when the previous step ("Step 3") is completed, or you can let a user navigate to the next page manually. In that case, you need to make clear to users what they need to do in order to continue the tour.

Let's update the content of "Step 3" to point to the "Add media" button with instructions. Click on the button will redirect users to the Form page.

In the step details, set up the field "Progress on click of" value to Element, so the next step (automatic redirect) is activated when users click on a given element (".btn-primary" in this case). 

When users reach the Form page, the tour automatically continues with the "Step 5".

What if I need to support multiple tours on just one page?

You can target several product tours on the same page. If it isn't specified which product tour takes precedence from another we display a menu that lets users choose from all available tours on a given page.
A button that activates the selection of tours.

List of available tours.

If you encounter any issues or need different options, feel free to contact us.

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