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How Usetiful helps Clerbo with the initial customer onboarding

About YSoft Clerbo

The employee experience begins the moment the candidate accepts your job offer. YSoft Clerbo initiates new hires into the company and the company’s culture. With intuitive software, employees can be pre-boarded, onboarded and trained. Employees are now productive on their very first day. YSoft Clerbo is the future of work culture.

Challenge: Provide interactive onboarding to new customers

Clerbo team was looking for a user onboarding tool for their customers, with focus on interactive product tours in customer’s native language. Their customer support team wanted to reduce the number of questions received especially from new customers about “How to start using Clerbo”. With an increasing number of customers, it became ineffective to do long training for everyone. 

Tomas Nespechal, Product manager at YSoft Clerbo described: “We recently finished the online documentation where existing customers may find answers to most of their questions. Our current customers were trained manually so they know what they should be looking for. New customers, however, have a very general knowledge about Clerbo and they expect to be trained either online or in person. Our product helps clients to digitally onboard their new hires so was natural to start thinking about how to provide the same digital onboarding experience to our new customers.”

Clerbo needed to create the onboarding quickly and for an affordable price, therefore instead of developing a custom solution, they started looking for available products. “We checked various products available on the market. There were multiple alternatives, but they either lacked the necessary features, simplicity or were just too expensive. Fortunately one of my colleagues knew Usetiful from his previous experience, so we were able to start using the product quickly without any risk,” explains Mr. Nespechal about why they chose Usetiful.

The team created their user onboarding very quickly and started showing product tours to real customers in the few days. “To validate the concept, we have decided to start a pilot with our trial users that need an initial guidance after their first login. Creating product tours itself was very easy since we had the content prepared in our documentation and the Usetiful editor is very straightforward.” 

Product manager also described that the initial user onboarding consists of 5 product tours that cover major use cases: “New customers with administrator’s permissions can interactively discover the product navigation, learn how to invite their colleagues or create the employee onboarding.” 


How Clerbo measures success of the initial customer onboarding? Mr. Nespechal answers: “The first obvious result is the reduced number of questions we’ve received from new customers after the product tours were launched. We still calculate the exact numbers, but I anticipate that it dropped at least by 50%. Another benefit is the time we saved on online training that is counted in tens of hours. Good indication comes from the positive feedback from our customers,  mentioning specifically the pleasant onboarding experience.”

According to their next goals with Usetiful he reveals: “We plan to use Usetiful for all customers in various use cases, based on their typical tasks and needs. Since Clerbo speaks in many languages, we plan to provide localized product tours as well. I see also big potential in communicating new features efficiently to all our customers through Usetiful notifications.”

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