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Asset Connect educates new customers with Usetiful onboarding experiences


Asset Connect is an online platform for energy asset monitoring and management. Customers can connect their electricity generating assets, such as wind, solar or hydroelectric power plants, without having to buy additional hardware. Asset Connect presents energy production reports in a powerful dashboard, and Usetiful onboarding tours are used to guide new users to connect their assets, create and view reports and more.

The Product tours are organized into a User Onboarding Checklist.

Asset Connect uses the learn-by-doing approach to educating new customers. In some of their tours there are no “next” or “previous'' buttons for users to navigate through tour steps. Instead, users are nudged towards completing actions by themselves, and this way learning the possibilities of the platform.

The Product Tour seamlessly integrates into the user experience. Tour content flexibly adapts as the user progresses into the product, recommending the next steps, but leaving users to explore the platform on their own. With this design principle, guided onboarding feels like an integral part of the product.

Having a great user onboarding experience is crucial to increase feature discovery and user adoption. Even more so in the case of online dashboards, such as Asset Connect.

If you are looking for an efficient way to educate and retain users, onboarding tours and user onboarding checklists are the best choice to help new users in a delightful, easy to implement and measurable way.

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