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“Usetiful team went above and beyond. Top!” Hear from Ahruf how Usetiful helps to achieve greater Customer Success


Usetiful is a user-friendly platform that helps users manage their personal and professional affairs in an easy and convenient way. It does so by developing means by which to automate user onboarding, enhance user engagement and guarantee customer success stories at every level of your enterprise.

Here's a customer success story that shows how Usetiful has helped Ahruf in reaching their customer success goals and used the methods by which we helped them to automate user onboarding to improve their users’ experience.

About Ahruf & Hissah

Ahruf work toward children's development and learning. They build solutions that provide a unique journey and fruitful experience that help children gain knowledge while having fun; in a safe environment, overwatched by their caregivers.

Hissah, Ahruf's solution, challenges the traditional method of receiving instruction from a single educator in a classroom setting. It combines several communication technologies into one online environment, which allows students and educators to communicate together simultaneously.

Hissah leverages online connectivity to help students and educators connect in ways that enhance education, while disrupting the conventional status quo.

Challenges: To enhance users' experience

Hissah sought the means by which to enhance user engagement and customer success. To that end, a way to automate user onboarding was recognized as having many advantages worth pursuing.

Ahruf needed a team that understood the inherent complexities of discovering, attracting and retaining new users, as well as presenting an offering that met the unique needs of each enterprise.

How Usetiful improved their users’ experience?

Ahruf team has shared that Usetiful has helped them in reaching their goals and improved their users’ experience. It's a simple, affordable product-led growth platform that helps businesses of all sizes and industries improve user onboarding, retention, scalability & more.

By creating a means by which these education-focused organizations can automate user onboarding, resources are freed up to support and retain those users, as well as focus on delivering the best educational experiences available – bespoke to the unique needs of every student.

User onboarding is one of the most important steps, but it's not easy, and it often falls short in terms of effectiveness. That's why digital adoption platforms like Usetiful are so valuable.

Image 1 & 2: Hissah created an onboarding checklist to guide their new users.

We help product owners like Ahruf identify user onboarding problems early on, and then develop solutions that increase user retention and enhance user engagement. This combination helps businesses achieve their desired results faster, without wasting time or resources on ineffective approaches.

Goals achieved

The benefits of using an automated user onboarding platform are clear: you can increase your productivity by freeing up time for other tasks, and you can ensure that all new users have access to the necessary resources. There are several factors to consider when choosing a platform; making sure it meets your specific needs and requirements.

But because Ahruf chose Usetiful, they received unparalleled support through every step of perfecting the means by which they chose to automate user onboarding – fostering a richer sense of customer success at every level.

Now you have heard from Ahruf, do you want to replicate the same success in your product? Try Usetiful!

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