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GoHighLevel In-app guidance: Benefits & Implementation

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one sales, marketing, and CRM tool. It comes packed with some very comprehensive features, which can be a struggle for some users to adopt. That sounds like just the job for a digital adoption platform like Usetiful.

What is GoHighLevel?

GoHighLevel is a SaaS sales, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM) tool. Designed for agencies and sales, marketing, and customer success teams, it's a fantastic solution for things like:

  • Client acquisition

  • Lead capture 

  • Sales follow up

  • Customer retention

  • Invoicing and reporting

The platform offers an incredible amount of features, including:

  • High-converting sales funnels

  • Landing page builders

  • Website creators

  • CRM 

  • Appointment calendar

  • Email marketing

  • SMS communication tool

In fact, GoHighLevel offers so many features and functionality that it can be challenging to get existing employees and new hires up to speed and generate value. When you invest in any digital tools, you need to ensure that your employees can get comfortable and productive as quickly as possible.

For a long time, businesses attempted to solve these issues through expensive and time-consuming training sessions, long and tedious manuals, release notes, or emails. However, those methods ignore the way that users learn. If you really want your users to engage with an app, the best way is to encourage them to learn by doing.

In-app guidance is far and away the most effective way for people to learn. Digital adoption tools like Usetiful have been at the forefront of this change, providing ways to make products more user-friendly and intuitive. 

How in-app guidance can help your employees

Whether your organization plans to implement a solution like GoHighLevel, or you have new hires you need to onboard, your employees need to feel comfortable with their work tools if you want them to be engaged and productive.

Here are a few areas where in-app guidance can boost product adoption, reduce wasted spending, and drive engagement and productivity.

#1. Onboarding

New tools can be intimidating for even experienced employees. Staff members can get comfortable with what they know and become resistant to change. If you implement a new solution, like GoHighLevel, hosting a one-day workshop and hoping everyone hits the ground running isn’t enough. 

Digital adoption platforms like Usetiful are designed to onboard new users and teach them how to get value from the new tools. 

#2. Operational changes

Businesses are constantly striving to find new, more efficient ways to improve their business processes. In-app guidance can help to demonstrate these new methods and procedures, ensuring your business benefits from increased productivity. 

#3. Support

Resolving support tickets pulls your IT staff away from their core duties, while employees not knowing how to perform specific tasks harms productivity. Tools like Usetiful reduce support by building product tours, walkthroughs, and smart tips that users can replay until they’re comfortable. 

Additionally, you can link your software to your knowledge base, allowing employees to use self-service on all but the most complicated problems.

#4. New features

SaaS solutions like GoHighLevel frequently roll out new features. You can use in-app guidance to make them aware of these new capabilities and how they can use them to improve their productivity.

Benefits of in-app guidance

When you adopt a new tool, the hope is that it's easy enough for users to figure out. This isn't a huge issue if you have experienced users and simple software. However, for everything else, you need to consider some extra steps if you want a return on investment from your new tool.

Of course, it's not just about showing users the basics. You can use in-app guidance to help your users unlock the full potential of a new tool. With the right learning, your employees can become more productive by using all the features and functions of your new software.

Let's take a look at the main benefits.

#1. Better onboarding

A good onboarding process consists of a lot of little things. Chief among them is teaching new hires how to get the most from the tools of their trade. 

In-app guidance helps users learn the flow of new software and gives them the confidence to contribute in the workplace. Effective onboarding can increase new hire retention by over 80%. In our tight labor market, that's very important.

#2. Personalization

Tools like GoHighLevel are so varied and feature-packed that most employees won't need to learn every facet. Personalized in-app guidance is a great way to direct their learning to the features and functions they'll use in their everyday job. 

#3. Reduced time to value

Time to value (TTV) is an important concept in user adoption. Both employees and employers benefit from achieving value from a product quickly because it boosts productivity and reduces downtime. 

In-app guidance can move the process by providing users with a structured way to learn while using the app.

#4. Learn by doing

Learning by doing promotes engagement. Platforms like GoHighLevel have a lot going on, and if you try and teach it all with a manual or a training day, you're asking a lot of your employee's short-term memory.

By breaking down learning into small tasks with in-app guidance, employees can quickly master the processes they will use day-to-day.

#5. Increased user engagement

Employee engagement is vital for retention and productivity. A huge part of engagement comes from users feeling comfortable with their work tools. 

Digital adoption platforms can help users connect with software and understand how they can get value from them quickly. 

#6. Reduce support

Implementing new software can come with an increased burden on IT. Calls and support tickets waste everyone's time. In-app guidance reduces support while providing users with self-service options.

#7. Increased user adoption

In-app guidance increases user adoption to the point that employees can integrate tools into their workflow. Many businesses have software stacks full of sparsely used tools. This situation harms productivity and wastes money. 

If you pay for a SaaS tool like GoHighLevel, you and your employees should extract maximum value from it. 

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Best features for in-app guidance

Now that you understand the benefits of in-app guidance, it's time to think about the various tools you can use to drive user adoption and get full value from GoHighLevel.

#1. Product walkthrough

A product walkthrough or product tour is an excellent way to show software capabilities. Modern users love being able to explore a product for themselves. Product walkthroughs provide them with an opportunity to orient themselves to a product and all its features.

You can use product walkthrough software, like Usetiful, to provide step-by-step in-app guidance. Building product tours motivates users to adopt products by empowering them to understand how a tool can solve their problems.

Product walkthroughs can be personalized to each user. What's more, you can connect them to your knowledge base, videos, and tool tips. They're an effective way to demonstrate new features too.

#2. Checklists

Getting to grips with a new piece of software involves learning several different tasks. Checklists provide a way to break down the process into bite-sized chunks that the user can tick off as they go. 

Additionally, checklists appeal to the human desire for completion. By gamifying the process, you can encourage employees to engage with features and functions that they might not otherwise be interested in using.

Onboarding checklists are vital for complex, feature-rich products like GoHighLevel. When users can track their progress, they can stay motivated and engaged as they absorb new information. 

#3. Tooltips

Tooltips (aka smart tips) are a fantastic and unobtrusive way to show a product's capabilities. Employees come with different levels of experience and learning speeds, so accommodating everyone is important. Tooltips provide subtle in-app guidance by allowing users to seek help by hovering over specific icons or elements to trigger a dialogue box. 

#4. Hotspot beacons

Hotspot beacons are another subtle way to offer users help without cluttering up the screen with unnecessary information. Beacons are typically pulsating spots of different colors that you can use to draw the user's attention to specific parts of the screen. 

You can add beacons to product walkthroughs so they work with text, or you can use them to highlight new features that require the user's attention.

How to install Usetiful on GoHighLevel

Installing Usetiful on GoHighLevel is straightforward. 

Here's how.

1) log in to your Usetiful account

2) On the left-hand side panel, select "Install to your site."

3) Select "Simple" or, if you want to use personalization or user segmentation, hit "Advanced" setup

4) Copy the code, or share it with your developer

5) Sign in to your GoHighLevel account

6) Select "Settings" and then "Agency Settings."

7) Locate the "Custom Javascript" field and insert your Usetiful code from step 4

It's that simple. 


GoHighLevel is an excellent CRM and sales and marketing tool. However, with so many features and functions, it has something of a learning curve. When you need to help your team unlock its full capabilities and get an ROI from the software, Usetiful is here to help.

Using a combination of walkthroughs, product tours, checklists, and tooltips, you can provide in-app guidance that can help current staff and onboard new hires in no time at all.

Need another solid reason why Usetiful is your choice? Usetiful is named the Momentum Leader and the Easiest to use Digital Adoption Platform on G2 Winter 2023 report. So try Usetiful now with a 14-day free trial.

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