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1991 Accelerator & Usetiful: Supporting the Ukrainian Startup Community

 As Ukraine continues its brave battle against invading Russian forces, assistance from the global community can come in different forms. Military aid, food, and health supplies are vital to support the country through this difficult time. However, these programs must go hand in hand with long-term development strategies that provide a path toward rebuilding Ukraine's economy.

Social Boost has been running in Ukraine since 2012. It was built to connect to connect the startup community, public technology organizations, government, and businesses to implement innovative civic tech solutions. The organization's work is more important than ever because of its potential to create jobs and economic growth within Ukraine during these trying times.

The 1991 Accelerator is one of Social Boost's most significant projects. It aims to turn promising ideas into thriving startups that can impact the private and public sectors.

The 1991 Hackathon

In the last seven years, they've launched over 250 startups. Many of these promising projects have gone on to secure seven-figure funding rounds and grants. The 1991 Accelerator provides incubation, acceleration, and mentoring services to help founders realize their ideas.

Accessing to mentorship and knowledge is a huge opportunity for founders. The 1991 Accelerator provides startups with the solid support and expertise that they need to plug the gaps within the product. With individual classes and one-on-one sessions, founders can build relationships with professionals who will advocate for your product and provide crucial motivation, which is invaluable during tough times.

Startup founders pitching their product with 1991 acceleration.

Helping startups succeed with digital adoption platforms

All startups are different. However, they all have one thing in common: a need for support to succeed. This assistance can come in various forms, such as help honing an existing idea, understanding and reaching a target market, or even financial and budgeting advice. Organizations like Social Boost help startups focus on what they’re good at while getting support in the areas that need work.

However, taking your product from ideation into your customer's hands is just the first step. From there, you must focus on customer success and retention to grow and scale. That process is about helping your customers understand the value of your product and how it can help them achieve their goals and objectives.

Digital adoption solutions, like Usetiful, can offer this next leg of assistance. Our application helps teams build in-app user guidance through tooltips, hotspot beacons, interactive product tours, and walkthroughs. 

What’s more, we also offer in-app surveys to gather feedback to improve your product and assistant widgets so you can provide customer self-service 24/7.  Finally, with in-app surveys and assistance, you can gather feedback and offer 24-7 automated help.

Digital adoption platforms help improve user satisfaction, boost activation rates, and reduce user churn. Add in the fact that Usetiful is user-friendly and no-code, and even non-technical teams can build excellent user onboarding experiences for their apps. 

Our offer to the Ukraine startup community

Usetiful is joining big names like Hubspot, Notion, and Grammarly to help the Ukrainian startup community. 

We are offering 50% off our Plus and Premium plans. That means that startups can get:

  • 50% off the first six months (monthly subscription)


  • 50% off the first year of their annual plan (annual subscription)

So, if you're a Ukrainian startup trying to make it in these difficult times, go to for the support your business needs. There are lots of superb perks available, with discounts on various tech services built to bring your startup to the next level.

Visit the site to learn more about opportunities, mentoring, fundraising, and marketing services that 1991 provides to help startups get off the ground. 

A group photo of the 1991 Accelerator

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