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Customer Relationship Management (CRM): What is it and why you need it

CRM Meaning Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, is a way for companies to manage their interactions with customers. Any method that uses data to improve interactions during each stage of the customer journey can be considered CRM. Yet, for many, CRM is about the software that manages these relationships. What Is CRM Software? CRM Software is a tool or collection of tools that collect and store customer data. This software is then used to analyze and manage these details to help companies deliver better results. What Are the CRM Benefits? CRM software exists to collate and analyze customer data. From here, organizations can use this information to create insights into customer behavior. The different roles in a business’s CRM define which data will be helpful at each stage of the customer journey. Additionally, each department will benefit in different ways. Marketing Teams By understanding their customers' needs, profiles, and demographics, marketing teams can create more