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Top alternatives to UserGuiding

The market for DAP-s is growing, and many people are just getting familiar with the advantages that Digital Adoption Platforms can bring to their platforms. Now is the best time to get acquainted with the DAP market and see your options.

Three Pillars of Healthy Growth

  SaaS (software as a service) is one of the fastest-growing segments in the IT industry. Cloud-based services that use a subscription model have become widespread for several reasons, such as accessibility, flexibility, and cost-efficiency.

Top 3 alternatives to WalkMe

WalkMe is one of the pioneers of digital adoption. Founded in 2011, it was recognized as the leading DAP product in Everest Group's PEAK Matrix Assessment of DAP vendors. It’s a publicly traded company, with headquarters in Israel. 

Toolset: How to Set Up a Successful Digital Adoption Strategy

Previously in our blog we have discussed the importance of a digital adoption strategy. In this article we will outline specific tools and approaches that will enable you to set up a powerful digital adoption strategy. 

Digital Adoption: How to Implement a Successful Digital Adoption Strategy

In this blog post, we will take a birds-eye view on digital adoption in general and what tools and approaches you can employ to create and implement a successful adoption strategy. But first of all, let us define the term.  What is Digital Adoption? Digital Adoption is the process of helping users embrace new digital technologies. The users involved might be your customers, or they might be your employees. Whoever they are, at its most simple, digital adoption is about users engaging with digital tools in the best way to achieve their goals. Digital Adoption can take many forms. It could be about educating users on how to use your app, website, or SaaS platform. Or it could refer to training your employees on how to use a third-party piece of software. The common theme between these scenarios is that users engage with and learn how to get as much value as possible from a product. Apps and services are built to solve particular problems. But for users to adopt them, they need to underst

Book An Artist elevates user onboarding with product tours by Usetiful

Book An Artist is an innovative online marketplace platform that connects artists with clients. It focuses on creatives specialized in many forms of art - custom murals, graffiti and street art, canvas paintings, also illustration and many more. Book An Artist is the only international graffiti and street art marketplace and it revolutionized the way in which clients find art or hire local artists in their city. Now it is easier than ever to find and hire a local artist in these areas of visual art.  However, changing the rules of the game is no easy task in any industry. It requires the gut, the patience, hard work, and of course the technology to power it all. And the technology is where Book An Artist shines bright.  Book An Artist is an online platform, which makes it possible for artists to showcase their previous work and experience, and for clients to find and hire them. Book An Artist handles the entire communication and payment processing, so the artist dashboard is where a