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Usetiful named G2 High Performer in Customer Self-Service in Europe and Asia Pacific

 The G2 Spring 2023 results are out, and we’re excited to report another excellent performance for Usetiful. We've been named a High Performer in the Customer Self-Service categories for Europe and Asia Pacific. 

Usetiful named G2 High Performer in Customer Self-Service in Europe and Asia Pacific

With over 100,000 products listed on G2, getting any recognition is a real privilege. Usetiful appears alongside a real who's-who of customer self-service products, demonstrating why our customers choose us over big names with lots of hype and huge marketing budgets.

G2 uses a mix of customer reviews and market presence to power the algorithms that determine the winners. As such, the awards have a lot of credibilities because they're based on the inputs that are important to customers who use the products every day.

Some of the highlights of our Spring 2023 report are:

  • 91% of Usetiful users would recommend our product

  • 95% of users say Usetiful is easy to set up

  • 92% of our users are delighted with our customer support

  • 91% of users say it’s really easy to do business with Usetiful

  • We have a fantastic Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 68, well above the B2B benchmark average of 25 to 33.

Let’s explore some of the features that have helped Usetiful grab a High Performer spot.

Usetiful features that enable customer success

Customer self-service is a critical element of customer success. Anything that removes the friction between your customer's pain points and getting value from your solution is a good thing. 

What’s more, customer self-service is a great option for businesses that don’t have endless amounts of capital to invest in customer success. It’s a great way to get the absolute maximum from your budget while driving adoption, activation, and, ultimately, brand loyalty.

Let's explore the features that have helped us become such an effective self-service solution for our customers.


Tooltips, also known as smartips, are a superb way to teach your customer about your product. They're subtle and unobtrusive textboxes that share contextual information about your product’s features and functions. 

Some examples of tooltips are modal boxes that spring up when you hover over graphical elements explaining how the feature works. You can also use them on forms to explain what information your user needs to enter.

Customer self-service benefits of tooltips:

  • Great for subtle clues about your product

  • Show features without breaking workflow

  • Help users find and discover features on their own


Checklists are an excellent way to break down complex onboarding processes. Users can follow a path toward activation by completing bite-sized tasks that show them how to get the most value from products. Checklists can contain product tours, walkthroughs, feature highlights, and more.

Customer self-service benefits of checklists:

  • Excellent way to breakdown complex customer onboarding

  • Quicker path to that crucial Aha moment

  • Help gamify the onboarding process

  • Keep users motivated and engaged while using your product

Product tours and product walkthroughs

Product tours offer users step-by-step guidance that shows them how a product works. You can use product tours to highlight essential features or show users how to complete critical tasks. 

Customer self-service benefits of product tours:

  • Streamline the onboarding process

  • Speed up time to value by showing users how to use the product

  • Reduce onboarding friction and drive engagement

  • Helps demonstrate sophisticated and complex products


Usetiful Assistant is an in-app widget that gives users access to 24-7 support. When your users first engage with your app, it should be as easy to use as possible. However, there are often a few functions or features that need further explanation.

The Assistant provides users with simple access to your knowledge base, help articles, and FAQs. Instead of leaving the app to Google help or looking through documents, users can find the information they want when they need it.

Of course, sometimes users need help from your customer success teams. When they can't resolve the issue themselves, the Assistant can forward their questions to your support 

team, allowing you to intervene.

Customer self-service benefits of Assistant:

  • Reduces support tickets

  • Helps users quickly find helpful information, knowledge bases, and FAQs

  • Keep user in-app and in the flow

Interactive product demos

Product demos are a proven way to boost sales and engagement. Before users spend their money on products, they need to see them in action. However, getting salespeople to do product tours requires a significant investment of time and money.

Automated interaction product demos offer an elegant alternative. They fit the trend towards customer self-service and allow prospective users to evaluate products on their time.

Customer self-service benefits of interactive product demos:

  • Sell your product while you sleep

  • No need to schedule product demos

  • Increase the efficiency of your sales team

  • Boost conversion rates

Final thoughts

The G2 awards are an influential factor for software buyers. By using a mix of customer reviews and market data, G2's algorithms reward software businesses across various categories.

Once again, Usetiful has been recognized as a High Performer in the European and Asia Pacific regions. But don't just take G2's word for it; why not see for yourself?

If you want to achieve greater customer success by using a digital adoption platform, try Usetiful today.

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