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How Technologies Change Business and Why Digital Adoption Is Important for Your App?

Introduction Due to technical issues, the average worker loses around 22 minutes of productivity each day . [1] Over a year, that works out as 91 hours — or almost two weeks. [2] The financial implications of technology not working as intended are significant, especially in an era when workplace tools allow businesses to become faster and more competitive.

Aha moment in User Onboarding

  The aha moment is the precise point when users realize the value of a product. Understanding how to help your users reach their aha moment is a vital aspect of user onboarding that can reduce user churn dramatically.

Hotspots and their purpose in user onboarding

When done well, Hotspots can help with user onboarding by quickly highlighting features or functions.

Asset Connect educates new customers with Usetiful onboarding experiences

  Asset Connect is an online platform for energy asset monitoring and management. Customers can connect their electricity generating assets, such as wind, solar or hydroelectric power plants, without having to buy additional hardware. Asset Connect presents energy production reports in a powerful dashboard, and Usetiful onboarding tours are used to guide new users to connect their assets, create and view reports and more.

Top alternatives to Appcues

Appcues is a DAP software company that was founded in 2013 in the US. It presents itself as a no-code platform and features flows (as they call the product tours), hotspots, onboarding checklists and NPS surveys. Having said this, there are still several quite substantial reasons to consider an alternative for Appcues. In this article, I will discuss these reasons as well as present top 3 alternatives for you to choose from.