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Do you really know the benefits of a great onboarding?

First impressions count in life — and in SaaS onboarding. When users initially sit down with your product, you want them to feel comfortable using it. If they don't, they might walk away and never turn back. This problem is made more complicated because users have a lot of choices these days. If your product isn't easy to use, they'll find one that is. Bad user onboarding can cause customer churn, hurt revenues, and increase customer acquisition costs (CAC).  Some software is so simple that a toddler could intuitively figure out how to use it. However, a lot of SaaS tools have complex features and functions. So how can you ensure that users are comfortable with your product straight away? The answer is simple: use a no-code user onboarding tool like Usetiful. Good user onboarding drives retention Users download products because they have a need or problem. If your product adequately solves their issue, they'll probably keep using it. User retention is an essential metri

How Interactive Customer Onboarding Can Drive User Acquisition and Retention

The market is competitive, and customer acquisition costs are rising all the time. Successful customer onboarding has never been more critical. Let's explore how a digital adoption platform can help your customers and drive revenues. The way developers and marketing teams think about user adoption and retention has changed remarkably over recent years. The customer journey doesn't stop once a transaction is made. Businesses need to find ways of delivering customer experiences that drive loyalty and retention. The modern consumer is fairly impatient. Awash in a sea of choice, they want products that will provide them value quickly, or they'll just move on to one of your competitors.  Great customer onboarding is one of the best ways to quickly ensure that your users get value. Doing it right means you can drive user adoption while reducing user churn.  How can a digital adoption platform (DAP) help? A digital adoption platform, or DAP, is software that helps developers build

Usetiful: Digital Adoption Platform "High Performer" on G2

Summer is in full swing. The weather is warm, the birds are singing, and everyone is happy. And so are we because we've earned six badges in the Digital Adoption Platform category of the G2 Summer 2022 report. 🙌   The complete list of the badges we have been awarded are: ● High Performer ● High Performer (Europe) ● High Performer (Small Business) ● Fastest Implementation ● Fastest Implementation (Small Business) ● Best Meets Requirements (Small Business) We're super proud of this achievement and our excellent 5-star rating on G2 . As strong believers in digital transformation, we built our Digital Adoption Platform to help developers and businesses onboard their employees and users so they could unlock the power of technology. At Usetiful, we understand the importance of onboarding. We get that businesses and developers are under a lot of pressure to help users hit the ground running and derive immediate value from the products. So we built a product that let them get to that

Customer review: How Usetiful helped to increase onboarding completion rate by 47%

Coming up with interesting, relevant content for our blog is not an easy task. But life gets so much easier when customers do it for you.  Sometimes we review other DAP software to get people reading this blog a perspective and tools to find the vendor that works for their specific use case.  In this blog post we are sparing ourselves from all the research, content writing and editing, and simply sharing a review of our own product sent to us directly from a customer.  I’m, Stephen Edet. I lead the product marketing team at roHealth - a health tech startup in Nigeria.  roHealth is an app that helps employees choose their health insurance benefits and helps businesses provide quality health insurance plans for their employees while saving up to 30% of their health insurance budget.   As a SaaS business, in-app onboarding and product activations are important. We’ve had some measure of success acquiring new users and getting them to signup. But the challenge we kept having was that once

How Technologies Change Business and Why Digital Adoption Is Important for Your App?

Introduction Due to technical issues, the average worker loses around 22 minutes of productivity each day . [1] Over a year, that works out as 91 hours — or almost two weeks. [2] The financial implications of technology not working as intended are significant, especially in an era when workplace tools allow businesses to become faster and more competitive.